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1. Name: TACOMA See Post Card Page

From the Gallery of Dallas Pavone
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Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 180.2' X 30' X 5.1' Power: 16's- 6 ft., 3 boilers, 40" X 20' Launched: 1883, 1st trip Sept. 28 Destroyed: 1922, Nov. 4, Cincinnati, Fire that jumped from MORNING STAR to other boats at dock. Area: Out of Cincinnati for 39 years Owners: 1883-90, Ohio River Packet Company (David Gibson and N.C. Vanderbilt) 1890 or so - 1901, Apr. 14, Tacoma Transportation Company (Capt. Martin L. Hissem, Pres., of California, Ky.) 1901, Apr. 14, Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Big Sandy & Pomeroy Packet Company (White Collar Line) 1904, Capt. Gordon C. Greene 5/16, Capt. William e. Roe 1/4, Capt. Martin F. Noll 1/4, also Junius Greenwood and Capt. Jesse P. Hughes all partners. (Greene Line Steamers, Inc.) Captains: 1883, Sept. 28, pilot first trip, William Cliff later and for many years, Jesse P. Hughes Comments: 1897, rebuilt and rechained at Cincinnati Marine ways 1908, new hull and boilers : Her machenery was rebuilt and went to the CHRIS GREENE : This boat was in continual operation as a packet for 39 years without changing apprance or name, probably a record for stability.
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    Launched: 1840s?
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, fire at St. Louis docks.
    Area: U. Miss. R.

    Type: Stern-wheeler        Size: Small
    Launched: 1830s?

    Destroyed: 1848, exploded
    Area: Sanganon R. Ill.

    Comments: Young Abe Lincoln pointed out channel to Capt.

1. Name: TAHLEQUAH (No. 2)
    Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hull, packet
    Size: 149' X 31' X 5, 338 tons
    Launched: 1846, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1876, off the lists
    Area: 1846, out of N.O.
          1869, N.O. - Ouachita R.
    Owner: Original owners, Capt. John Woodburn and others
           1868, Oct., Charles A. Beard bought control.
           1869, Capt. G.P. Work
    Captains: 1868, Blanks, Fred A.
              1869, Capt. G.P. Work
    Comments;  Engines went to FLORENCE MEYER

Name: TAILSMAN (replica)
    Launched: Contemporary
    Area: New Salem Ill.

Name: TARASCON  Reference
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 250' X 38' X 6.'.
    Power: 22's-7 1/2 ft. 
    Launched: 1863, Jeffersonville, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1879, dismantled. 
    Area: 1863, entered Evansville trade, Tenn. R.
          1864, Gulf Coast to Lake Pontchatrain
          1865, Summer, said to be the largest boat to ply the Alabama R.
          1866, Louisville-Mempis trade then Louisvilole-Evansville trade
Owners: built for Louisville & Henderson Mail Line 
    Captains: 1866,, J.A. Lusk 
              1870, William Strong
              1876, David Penny
    Comments: 1875, Sept. 12, below Salt R., sank in shallow water.  Was raised.
            : Towed either the CLIFTON or the ROSE HITE to Louiville after
              the two collided 

Name: TAWAH  Raising the Gunboats
    Type: sternwheeler?               Size: 114'
    Launched: Brownsville, PA
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: See link above for ongoing raising efforts.

    Type: Contemporary, aluminum  steel hulled Sternwheeler
    Size: 80' X 23' X 17",  30 tons, 250 passengers
    Power: 1 200hp. Perkins Deisel
    Launched: La Cross, WI
    Owner: Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours, Web Site and photo 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet         Size: 190' X 38' X 5.5'
    Launched: 1886, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard for Bayou Teche
              Packet Company
    Destroyed: Reported to have burned
    Area: 1893, New Orleans - Jeanerette - Franklin - Pattersonville.
          1896, New Orleans - Bayou Teche
    Owner: Bayou Teche Packet Company 
    Captains: 1886, Lloyd T. Belt
              1893, Will T. Jones; clerk, George W. Belt.
              1896, April, C.J. Blanchard

	Size: 212 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched: 1826, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Comments: Made run N.O. - Natchez 1828, 3/1/20
              Set record N.O. - Louisville 1828, 8/4/0.
              This record was broken in 1833 by the SHEPHERDESS
              Another mention
3. Name: TEHEMA
    Launched: 1850s,? early?
    Area: 1850s Early, San Joaquin R., Calf.

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 158 X 31 X 4.5, 418 tons
    Launched: 1858, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1861, May, Algeria, La. Burned
    Area: 1858, Cincinnati-New Orleans, Capt Chandler; N.O.-Ouachita R.,
                Capt. Fanning and  Later, N.O. - Ouachita R., Capt.
                Tobin then Capt. Stewart.
    Owner(s): 1858, Capt. Joseph P. Chandler and others.
    Captain(s): 1858, Chandler, Capt. Joseph P.
           Later, Capt. Henry Fanning Stewart, then John W. Tobin
           then, Capt H.F. Stewart.

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.    Size:147.2' X 25' X 4.4'
	Power: Engines, 17's- 6 ft., came from the JAMES REES
    Launched: 1876, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1889, dismantled
    Area: 1876: Ohio R., making daily, 28 mi. run between Wheeling, W. Va.
                and Clarington.  
    Owners: Built for Capt. Steve Thompson, James H. Gatts, Capt. Charles Booth
					and Ruben and Thad Thomas
			*1885, Dec. 4, 1/3 interest purchased by Capt. John K. Booth 
    Captain(s):1876- Steve Thompson 
			  * 1884, James H. Gatts on Ohio R.
			   1886, John K. Booth with E.K. Booth, clerk
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, and from The Daily State Journal
                June 24, 1951
			: Machinery went to the 1889 LIBERTY

    Captain and pilots: 1849,(Feb. 17?) Jacob Hazlep
when navigating through ice flow. Credit Name: TELEGRAPH No. 2 Launched: 1840s? Area: 1849, Ohio R. Comments: From Wheeling Daily Gazett, Feb. 7, 1849 1. Name: TELEGRAPH No. 3 Type: Sidewheel, wooden hulled packet. Size: probably 298' X 36' Power: 30-1/2's- 10 ft. from PEYTONA Launched: 1853, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: Dismantled Area: 1853, Cincinnati-Louisville Owner: United States Mail Line Captains: 1853, Jan., Master, Moses Anders 1853, Apr., Master, Byington; pilots, Samuel Hildrith and frank Bacon Comments: Made run Louisville - St. Louis 1853, 0/9/52 Name: TELEGRAPH
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Siedwheel wooden hull packet Size: 287' X 41.2' X 5.1' Power: Engines, 22's- 8 ft., 3 boilers each 47" X 30', 5 flues each. Launched: 1887, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1891, Harmar, Oh., dismantled Owners: Built by Cincinnati, Big Sandy and Pomeroy Packet Company Captains: 1877, James Campbell Comments: When built this hull was new but the cabin was from the former (1864) TELEGRAPH Name: TELEPHONE See Post Card Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 150' X 25' Launched: 1878, Apr., Ironton/Portsmouth Destroyed: 1885, Jan. 2, Hockingport, Oh., sunk by ice Area: 1878 season, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Then Wheeling-Charleston and later Gallipolis-Charleston Later resumed Wheeling-Charleston trade Owners: when new, Capt. Edwin F. Maddy and his brothers. 1878, Dec., sold to Kanawha Valley Packet Company Captains: J.B. Dudding with George S. Dudding, *the captain's son, as clerk *1884 or 85 a Captain Kinnaird was to take command with Howard Donnaly, clerk. 1.Name: TELEPHONE/EMMA MARIE Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet. Size: 150' X 25' Launched: 1894, Knoxville, Tenn. Deatroyed: Ran through 1908 and possibly later became a combination packet/towboat Area: 1900, May, Capt. Hornbrook took her to U. Ohio R. Owners: Built by Capt. J.E. Newman, Knoxville. 1900 purchased by Capts. Fred Hornbrook and Sam Williamson Later sold to A.G. Jackson and C.L. Williams, Parkersburg. Later, Capt. Louis Tanner, Ashland Ky. purchased 1/2 interest. Captains: 1902, Dec., M.R. Lowther Comments: 1902, Dec. 23, Little Kanawah R. at Big Ripple, snagged and sunk. Raised. : 1906, rebuilt at Catlettsburg, Ky. and renamed EMMA MARIE. Name: TELL Area: * 1827, Feb. logged at Port of Cincinnati 1.Name: TELL CITY Type: Stermwheel, wooden hull packet Size: When new,191' X 35' X 5.2' : 1911, Point Pleasant, W. Va., rebuilt and measured 190 X 38' X 5.2' Power: engines, 17's- 7ft. three boilers, each 44" X 26' Launched: 1889, by Howard Yard Destroyed: 1917, Apr. 6, below Lock #14, Ohio R., in backing from Little Hocking Landing rubbed against beartrap of lock and began taking on water. Was forced ashore on other side of river so hard her stacks fell. She settled quickly. Area: Louisville-Evansville trade 1916, went to Pittsburg-Charleston trade, Ohio and Kanawha Rs. Owners: Built for Louisville & Evansville Mail Line 1916, Spring, Purchased by Capt. Fred Hornbrook and others Captains: 1901, master was Fred Zoll 1917, Apr. 6, master was Charles H. Ellsworth Comments: 1898, Sept. Louisville-Portland Cana;, was her only sinking. Pumped out. : Pilot house became summer house in yard of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bent overlooking the river at Little Hocking, Oh. Name: TEMPEST Type: Stern-wheeler Size: Launched: 1840s? late? Area: U. Mo. R., U. Miss. R. Captain(S): 1846 or so, Smith, John J. Comments: Was in Indian Wars. Mentioned in this Article Name: TEMPLE OF AMUSMENT Type: SHOWBOAT Size: Destroyed: 1902, in a collision with SPRAGUE Area: MISS. R. Name: TEMPLE of the MUSES Type: Showboat Name: TENNESSE Area: 1907: Between Kansas City and St. Louis Owner: The Kansas City Transportation and Riverboat Co. Comments: William Volker was a Principal in the Kansas City Transportation and Riverboat Co. Name: TENINO Name: TENNESAW Area: Sabine R., Tex. Commnets: See source Article * Name: TENNESSEE Size: 416 tons Launched: 1819, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1823, Snagged Name: TENNESSEE Launched: 1840s Area: Miss. and Ark.Rs. 1. Name: TENNESSEE
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   Post Card From Site Contributor Mark Fraizer
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 170' X 32' X 5.5'
    Power: Engines, 14's- 5ft. Two boilers
    Launched: 1897 at Howard Yard
    Destroyed: 1908, Sept 11, Little Blue Bend, Mo. snagged.
    Owners: built for St. Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company
            1907 or so, sold to Kansas City - Missouri River Navigation Company
    Area: when new, Nashville-Evansville trade
    Catains: in Nashville-Evansville trade, Shep Green
             1901, May, S King Hale was master.
             1908, when snagged and lost, W.G. Earp was master.
                   Al and Art Thompson were pilots.
    Comments:1907, Was in parade of boats, St. Louis-Memphis,
                   when President Theodore Roosevelt went down Miss. R.
            : 1907, July, caught in storm and went into Eads Bridge, St. Louis.
                    Badly damaged.

Name: TEXAS, U.S.S.
    Comments: I'm not sure which of the boats is in this picture
              is the U.S.S. TEXAS, C.1900  Whichever, the other is THE WHISPER.
Name: 35th PARALLEL
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 149 tons.
    Launched: 1859, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1863, Mar. 13, Tallahatchie, R, Miss.,
                     burned to avoid capture by North
    Area: 1859, New Orleans-Ark. R. to Fort Smith.
    Owners: Capt, Levi Chapman and Capt. Phillip Pennywitt
    Captains: 1859, Levi Chapman
    Comments: At outbreak of C. War was turned into Confederate
            : 1862, Left Little Rock April 27, arrived Memphis on May 29,
               2nd Battalion of 14th Texas Cavalry.  ALONZO CHILD took
               1st Battalion.  

	Launched: Pre 1850
	Area: 1850, Washington D.C-Mount Vernon

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 200' X 35' X 5.5', 351 tons.
    Power: 22's- 7 ft., 4 boilers.
    Launched: 1855, Cincinnati, oh.
    Destroyed: 1864, Dec. 9, Cumberland City below Nashville, burned in U.S.
                     service by command of C.S.A., General, Lyons.
    Area: 1856, weekly St. Louis-Brunswick
    Captains: 1855-56, P.M. Dozier
    Comments:  Mentioned in this Article. 


    Launched: 1840's late?    Size: 413 tons
    Area: 1850s, early, Sacramento R. Calif.

    Comments: Possibly same as above.???

    Launched: 1810s
    Destroyed: 1819, Snagged
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: Accompanied WESTERN ENGINEER up Mo.


    Launched: 1852? in Wheeling, W. Va.
    Area: 1853: Ohio R.
    Owner: 1853: built by Capt John McLure, Jr. 
    Captains: John McLure, Jr.
    Companies Associated With; The Wheeling Union Line, 
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING INTELLIGENCER,  June 24, 1951

	Size: small
	Area: 1856 - Nov. 1858 at least, Upper White R.
	Owners: before 1856, Jan. 6, Capt. Oaty P. Dowell
			1856, Jan. 6 - 1856, Nov. 22, Jesse Mooney, Marion County, Ark. &
					Capt. Francis A. Maffatt.
			1856, Nov. 22, purchased by George Pearson of Marion County, Ark. for $2,500
	Captains: before 1856, Jan. 6, Oaty P. Dowell
			  1856, Jan. 6 - Nov. 22, Francis A. Maffatt
	Comments: At one time, Batesville Ark. blown from moorings and sank in 8' of water.
				Quickly raised and Repaired.
			: Much more in this article

    Type: Paddlewheeler, wooden hull, packet
    Size: 104.4' X 20.2' X 3.8', 109 tons
    Launched: 1865, Covington, Ky.
    Area: 1865, New Orleans - Donaldsonville - Lafourche, twice weekly.
    Owner: 1867, sold to Capt. Joseph A. Riuz, then again Dec. that year to
                 Capt. Theophile Dinvant.
           1869, Capt. Joshua Wiley, of Vicksburg and John King
           1871, May, sold by U.S. marshal to Miss C.J. Edwards for $700
    Captains: 1865, Joseph Dalferes 
    Comments: Site visitor Dori Fulk believes that during the Civil War this
              boat did some time as a Union Army hospital ship, probably in
              the area of the James River.  Dori's ancestor, Lorenzo FULLER,
              was steward on her in 1864-5. 

Name: THOMPSON DEAN  ("de big Dean")
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Stern-wheeler. Launched: 1872, Cincinnati Destroyed: 1882? Area: Miss. R. Owner: Anchor Line Captain(s): Miller, William, Mate, Peppers. George H. Comments: From the Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879. : Engines went to WILL S. HAYS
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