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Name: ONEIDA Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet. Size: 104' X 19.7' X 4.' Launched: 1881, Harmar, Oh., Knox yard Destroyed: 1902, Parkersburgh, W. Va., sank and turned over. Owners: built by machinist named Murry who came to Parkersburg, W. Va. from Oneida Co. N.Y. He built the engines. Area: 1880-90 period, Little Kanawha R. Owners: c. 1899, C.H. and E.E. Varian, of Letart, W. Va., equal shares 1902, Jan. 26, D. M. Miller and M. R, Lowther, Parkersburg, W. Va. Captains: presumably, Samuel B. Rathbone who also operated the CARRIE M. KRAFT 1884, Solly Wells 1902, Jan. 26, John Stone of Belpre, Oh. Comments: Later in her life, this was an ill fated boat. 1895, Juliana St. Bridge, Parkersburg, speared by piling,
when river fell after Ice break up. Rolled over. Rolled over again while being pumped out. Later, exploded boiler while racing. 1902, Jan. 26, 7am, Creston, W. Va. cut by ice and sank. Raised and steamed to Parkersburg where she sank
and turned over while waiting her turn at docks. : Machinery went to the FRENCH : Mentioned in these documents - 1, 2 Name: ONTARIO Type: Side-wheeler Size: 150' or 170' Launched: 1817: Sackerrs Harbor, N.Y. Area: Lower Great Lakes Owner: Law, George Comments: Its machinery was designed by Robert Fulton : Credit Name: ONWARD Type: towboat Size: Launched: late 1870s Destroyed: 1897, Burned on Monongahela river, near Glenwood. Area: Ohio and Miss. Rs. Owner: Jutte & Co. and Munhall Bros. Captain(s): Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 * Name: OPELOUSAS Size: 133 tons Power: High pressure Launched: 1826, Cincinnati, Oh.
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    Type: Side-wheeler                Size: 
    Launched: 1900s, early to mid?
    Destroyed: last known to be docked for remodel in Seattle area circa 1994;
    Area: Skagit R., Pugeot Sound, Wash. State
    Captain: Albert Manwarren Galligan
Comments: was converted to twin diesel engines

    Type: Side-wheeler                Size: 
    Launched: 1840s?
    Area: Eastern boat?
    Owner: Law, George
    Comments: Won race with COMMODORE VANDERBILT

3. Name: ORIENT
    Launched: 1840's late?    Size: 47 tons.
    Area: 1853, Sacramento R. Calif.
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Jim Daviner
Name: ORIOLE 1863-1881
Name: ORIOLE 1863-65  Originally FLORENCE MILLER NO. 3

Name: ORIOLE 1869-?? 

Name: ORIOLE 18?76?,
	Area: 1876, Jan, in lower coast trade out of N.O.
	Captain: James T. O'Pry
	Comments:  possibly same boat as the one just above
			: Transcribed from  The Olden Times.com copy of
				The Daily Picayune, New Orlens, La, Jan. 10, 1913 -

				(The date above mystifies me.  I can only conclude
				that the issue of the Picayune from which Olden times took
				this article from was a later reprint of some kind.
				Way's Packet Directory has Capt. O'Pry "possibly"
				aboard the 1869 ORIOLE working the Lower Coast trade in
				Jan. 1876.  Way's suggests that this might be another
				ORIOLE.  I'm betting it was another ORIOLE.)
				The Explosion of the Oriole
				New Orleans, June 16.--The following
				is a list of the killed and wounded by the
				Oriole yesterday:  Dead - John Boyer,
				chief engineer; Zachariah Washington, a
				colored passanger; Louis Jackson, a col-
				ored minister from Algiers, and two colored
				women wonded.  Captain Opry, com-
				ding, severly bruised; Joseph
				Sharp, mate and Henry Kountzie, pilot,
				each with their right leg broken.
					The fireman, colored, had both eyes
				blinded.  Four roustabouts were crip-
				pled, but not seriously.  J.P. Gtouere, a
				passenger, was slightly injured.  J.C.
				Frenoulet, first clerk, and J.E. Staberial,
				second clerk, were slightly injured, and
				Mr. Crawford, secretary of the wrecking
				association, was severly bruised.  Hun-
				ter, second engineer, colored, who was
				missing last night was this morning
				found in the hold nder the boiler, but
				could not be extricated.  After the ex-
				plosion, which shattered the boat, a piece
				of the boiler was found in a field a quar-
				ter of a mile distant.  The boat is a total

Name: ORIOLE  Originally BAXTER  1901-1915
    Comments: Made run N.O to Natchez 6/6/40 1814

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Destroyed: 1871, Sept., Sabine Pass, Tex., Sunk by hurricane 
    Area: 1869-71, Aug., Neches and Trinity Rs., Tex.
    Owners: 1869-71, Capt. Louis King
    Comments: See source Article

4. Name: ORONOKO
    Destroyed: 1838, Apr. ?21? Princeton, Miss., Collapsed her flues and exploded
    Area: Miss. R.

* Name: OSAGE
	Size: 144 tons
	Launched: 1820, Cincinnati, Oh
	Destroyed: 1824, snagged

1. Name: OSAGE
    Type:  Built as Ironclad Gunboat, possibly propellor driven.
    Size:  Originally, shallow draft at around 3'
           1867, when sold to private owners, described as
                 180' X 48.8' X 5.4', 350 tons,
    Launched: 1863, Carondelet, Mo. Built by James B. Eads.
    Destroyed:  May have sunk in Sodo Lake, near Shreveport, La.
    Area:  1864, was hard aground on sandbar for most of this year.
          1865, Apr., Mobile, Ala.  Sunk in battle of Mobile and raised.
    Owners: 1867, Nov. 22, sold to Capt. John Armstrong
                  One month later went to New Orleans Wrecking and Salvage Co.,
    Captains: 1864, Thomas O. Selfridge, later a Rear Admiral
              1867, Dec. - 1870, May, Greenleaf Andrews

1. Name: OSAGE
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 147 tons.
    Launched: 1865, Castle Rock, Mo.
    Destroyed:  1874, Off the lists
    Area:  first home, St. Louis, Mo.

1. Name; OSAGE
    Type: Sternwheel, transfer boat, wooden hull
    Size: 100' X 19.8' X 3.5'
    Power: 12 1/2's, 3 1/2 ft., 1 boiler, all from JOHN R. HUGO
    Launched: 1900, Osage City, Mo.
    Destroyed: 1917, about, dismantled.
    Area: 1900-09, Osage R. Mo.
          1909-17, Miss. R.
    Owners: 1900-09, Osage and Missouri River Packet Company
            1909 Houston Lumber Co., Vicksburg.
            1909-1917, Mississippi, Yazoo and Sunflower River Transportation Company

    Launched: 1840
    Area: Osage R., Missouri R.-St Louis
    Captains: Benjamin B. Bryan 
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Destroyed: 1877, on way up Yellowstone R. by a tornado after
               loitering at shore to round up a white stalion the
               cowboys aboard had spotted.  All humans survived,
               but the horse went down with the wreckage.
    Area: Yellowstone and Mo. Rivers.

    Launched: 1840s? early?
    Area: 1846 and 185?, U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in articles here and here

    Launched: 1830's or early 40s
    Area: U. Miss. R.; Mo. R.
    Owner: One or both of the Captains Harris. 
    Captain: 1843 - 45, Harris
              Do not know which Harris Brother this was.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article
              1843, Apr. 5, Arrived at St Paul, Minn.
              1844, Apr. 6, Arrived at St Paul, Minn.
              1845, Apr. 6, Arrived at St Paul, Minn.

    Launched: 1880s?
    Area: Miss. R.
    Captain: Capt. Hunter, Walter
    Comments: 1915, brought down the last tow of logs.

Name: OUACHITA  Originally the LOUISVILLE 

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Watercolor of a Paddle Steamer
on the Red River, Louisiana Territory (1968.271),
by Richard G.A. Levigne, courtesy of the Amon Carter Museum.
	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet/U.S. gunboat
	Launched: 1861, New Albany, Ind.
	Comments: refitted as packet VICKSBURG

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The James E. York Post Card Collection

Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hull, packet Size: 189' X 38' X 6.5' Plus cotton guards to make her 52' overall in width. Launched: 1890, Jeffersonville, Ind, by Howard Yard Destroyed: As OUACHITA, 1899, Jan. 19, Memphis, Tenn., 1:30 A.M., burned. 3 died. Hull was made into the FRED A. BLANKS in Paducah : At VICKSBURG, 1903, laid up at South Memphis below Trainor Ave., sank during night and was lost. Area: 1890, N.O.-Monroe trade Later, Memphis-Vicksburg Owners: 1890, Capt. L.V. Cooley Later, the Blanks Family Later, As OUACHITA then FRED A. BLANKS No. 2, Capts. A.E. and L.P. Cummins Captains: 1890, Cooley, L.V. 1901, Brenner, Lew Comments: 1900 or so Bell From BALTIMORE was instaled on this boat 1. Name: OUACHITA Type: Sternwheel, wooden hulled packet. Size: 140' X 32' X 4' Power: Engines, 10s - 5'. 1 boiler, 44" X 28'. Launched: 1899, Jeffersonville, Ind., by Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1909, laid up and disposed of 5 yrs. later. Owners: Originally, Capt. L.V. Cooley, New Orleans : c. 1906, purchased by Alabama River Packet Company 1. Name: OUACHITA - Originally the CITY OF MUSKOGEE, then LORAINE K. Type: Sternwheel, wooden hulled packet Launched: 1908, Jeffersonville, Ind., by Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1924, Sept. 12, burned. Comments: Renamed OUACHITA, 1924, July. Name: OUACHITA - Originally the GEORGE PRINCE : - 1940 1. Name: OUACHITA BELLE Type: Sidewheel wooden hulled packet. Size: 218 X 38 X 6 Launched: 1870, Jeffersonville, Ind. Destroyed: 1880, Nov. 3, Fox Island, sank. Area: N.O.-Bayou Sara Owner: 1870, Blanks, Capt. Fred A. and C.N. Breurd, New Orleans, equal shares. 1878-80, Maj. John D. Adams. Captains: 1871, Blanks, Fred A.; later, Libano, John C. Capt. John W. Cannon ran her under lease one cotton season. 1. Name: OZARK QUEEN/HOUMA Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet/barge boat. Size: As OZARK QUEEN - 133' X 25.6, 135 tons. : As HOUMA 136' x 23.8' x 4.8' Power as HOUMA, engines, 9 1/2s- 3', one boiler 44" X 20' Launched: 1896, Batesville, Ark. Destroyed: 1926, Sept. burned. Areas: 1896 - 1903, White R., Ark., Batesville - McBees Landing trade. 1906, New Orleans - Lower Terrebonne, Sugar Refinery and Houma, and on Bayou Lafourch Crossing. Possibly as a barge boat. Owners: 1896 - 1904, Capt. Charles B. Woodburry 1906 - Bradford Transportation Co. Captains: 1901 or so, Charles B. Woodbury 1903, May, Will Shipp 1906, T.W. Cook Comments: 1904, Dec. Memphis, condemmed : 1806, Rebuilt to become the HOUMA, Madisonville, La.
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