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    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 205.5' X 33.8' X 4.3'
    Power: Engines, 14-1/2's- 4-1/2 ft.  Three boilers .
    Launched: 1870, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1881, spring, Yankton, S.D., cut down by ice.
    Area: Mostly Mo. R. service.
          1872, made several trips up Red R.
          1876, was on Arkansas R., Capt C.L. Brennan
          1876-77, spent winter frozen in at Pascals Island some 60 mi. above Fort Sully on Mo. R.
    Owners: built for Capt. John H. Shaw
    Captains: 1876, on Ark. R., C.L. Brennan
    Comments: This boat made seven trips to Fort Benton and four to Crow Island.
            : Was associated with the Kountze and Peck Lines.
            : 1874, was 1st to arrive at Fort Benton.
: 1876-77, winter while frozen in, crew went by wagon to Ft, Sully. : 1877, Sept., involved in battle with Nez Perce Indians. See : 1871, Aug. 21, 10 mi. above St. Joseph, Mo., snagged and raised. Name: FOREST CITY Type: Sidewheeler Size: Area: Casco Bay (Portland), Maine Owner: Casco Bay Steamboat Co. Name: FOREST CITY Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 207 tons. Launched: 1851, Brownsville, Pa. Desteoyed: 1859, off the lists Area: 1851-53, Wheeling-Louisville 1853, fall- 1857, Pittsburgh-Wheeling 1857 - Vicksburg-Napoleio, Ark. trade Owners: 1851-53 ran in Wheeling Union Line 1853, fall sold to Capt. George D. Moore and others. 1857, Nov., sold to Capt. Porterfield of Vicksburg Captains: 1851, A. Murdoch 1853, George D. Moore. Benjamin Way, Wellsville, Oh. also commanded. 1857, Porterfield. Comments: 1857, handled U.S. Mail Vicksburg-Napoleon, Ark. 3. Name: FORT SUTTER, also see JOHN A. SUTTER Type: sternwheeler Launched: 1912 Area: San Joaquin R. California Name: FORTUNE Type: Sidewheeler Launched: 1845, early? Area: U. Miss. R. Captain(s):Atchinson, Mark Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: FRANCIS SKIDDY Launched: 185? Name: FRANK GILLMORE Area: 1889: Monongahela R. : 1897, Ohio R. Owner: 1897, May, Purchased by Capt. Briggs Captain(s): 1897, May, Briggs Comments: Some info from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 Name: FRANK PARGUAD Type: Side-wheeler Size: Launched: 1860s? Area: Miss. R. Captain and pilots: Capt. White, J. M. Comments: Engines went to ROSA LEE *Name: FRANK KEELING, JR. Launched: 1850s or 60s Owner: Capt. Franklin A. Keeling Captain: 1850s OR 60s, Keeling, Frankin A. Comments: * 1. Name: FRANK McHARRY Type: Sidewheel wooden hull ferry. Size: 125.5' X 34.5' X 4.2' Power: Engines, 14s-4ft., 2 boilers each 45" dia. X 25', 16 1/2' wheels, 6 1/2' buckets Launched: 1867, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1890, dismantled Owners: New Albany & Portland Ferry Co. Captains: When new, John B. Mitchell w/Thomas Conner as pilot. Comments: This boat was rebuilt in 1876 at Jeffersonville, Ind. Do not know if dimensions above are when new or when rebuilt. : Was named for the late Capt. Francis (Frank) McHarry. Name: FRANK STEEL Launched: 1850s? Early? Area: 1856, U. Miss. R. Owner: Davidson, Commodore W. F. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: FRANKLIN, 1816 See Name: FRANKLIN Area: Miss. R., Ark. R. Comments: 1850, aground at Webbers Falls on Ark. R.. Credit 1. Name: FRED A. BLANKS (No. 1) Type: Sidewheeler, wooden hull packet. Size: 260' X 41' X 9.5' Power: 26's-9 ft., six boilers, 79' overall. Launched: 1879, Madison Ind., Dan Morton Yard. Destroyed: During New Orleans Exposition, she was cut in two by a steamship. Area: N.O.-Ouachita R. Owner: The Blanks Family Captain(s): 1879, Blanks, Fred A. Comments: Main deck, 15 1/2' high. She had 32, 9'X 12' staterooms. Forward panels in the cabin were embelished with scenes in oils along the Black River where Capt. Fred liked to shoot alligators. This was the 28th boat the Blanks family owned. Name: FRED A. BLANKS (No. 2) See OUACHITA
    Launched: 1855
    Area: 1857, u. Miss. R.
    Owner: Northern Line Packet Company
    Captain: 1857, Parker
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type:        /Raft-boat        Size:
    Launched: 1870s?
    Area: Miss. R.?
    Comments: 1926, retired.

    Area: 1884, Miss. R..  Ran the 8 mi. from Rock Island to
    Owner: 1884, Streckfuss, Capt. John
    Captain and pilots: 1884, Capt. Streckfus, Capt John

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull towboat/packet.  Size: 96.4' X 14.3' X 3.
    Engines: 7 1/2" bore, 2 1/2' stroke.  1 boiler.
    Launched: 1883, Tuscunbia, Mo.
    Destroyed: *1903 Sank at dock.  Dismantled
    Area: Osage River in Missouri, connecting with MP Railroad at Osage City, Mo.
    Owner:  *Originally, Capt. Henry Hauenstein
           1883-89, Capt. Henry Castrup and Robert Marshall
           1889, sold to other interests
           1894, Managed by R.M. Marshall
    Captains: *1883, Henry Castrup
    Comments: 1894, Aug, 10, Jefferson City, Mo., sank of unknown causes.
                    *Raised and repaired.
            :*Designed by Capt. William Henry Hauenstein, who conceived the
              idea of a light draft boat propelling a cargo-filled barge. This
              system allowed travel on the Osage River when water levels were
              low and heavier boats could not pass.
            *Source: Excerpts from History of Miller County Missouri, by Gerald
             Schultz, Midland Printing Co., Jefferson City, MO, 1933. Microfilm.
             *Sent in by site visitor Kelly Hokkanen.
            : Mentioned in this Article. 

    Launched: 1832?
    Area: Ohio R.

    Launched: 1840s?
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St Louis docks
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: became towboat

    Type: Sidewheeler               Size: 170'
    Launched: 1817: Ernettstown near Kingston, Ontario
    Area: Lower Great Lakes
    Comments: Her machinery was designed by Robert Fulton
            : Credit

    Launched: 183Os? Early?    Size: 63 tons.
    Area: *1836, Ill. R. to Hennepin (Ill.?) 
    Owners: *Possibly  associated with Capt. Abraham Kimber, Brownsville
    Comments:  Mentioned in this Article
            : *1836, Made record time St. Louis-Galena
    *Source : Article

    Type:                Size: 134' X 39' X 9'
    Launched: 1813
    Area: Long Island Sound
    Owner: Hudson River Steamboat Company
    Comments: Source

    Type: Vessel of War            Size: 156' X 56' X 20'
    Launched: 1814
    Area: New York Harbor, Based at Navy Yard
    Owner: Hudson River Steamboat Company
    Comments: Source

    Type: Siedwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 122 tons
    Launched: 1839, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1845, Fall, dismantled.
    Area: U. Miss. R., Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
    Captains: William Forsythe
              1845, E.D. Collier, master; William J. Kountz and C. W. Batchelor, pilots.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article
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