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This page is by no means meant to be comprehensive.  I will add to it as I
come across boats mentioned as having Civil War service or incidents to do
with that conflict.  My hope is that it may help researchers, just a little.

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ALONZO CHILD, 1862, May, Southern Troop Transport, Little Rock-Memphis.
ALLEGHENY BELL NO. 4, Briefly in U.S. service
ALPFRETTA Confederate troop transport on the Coosa River.
ARKANSAS, Confederates set on fire to keep from Union troops.
ATLANTIC, U.S. troop carrier
AUGUSTUS McDOWELL, Was with Gen. Grant's fleet on Tenn. R.
BAYOU CITY, Gunboat in Tex.
CARRIE, U.S. Supply boat (St. Louis-Ft. Benton) when snagged
CHEESMAN (Possibly Chessman? -D
          1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman 
CAYUGA, U.S. gunboat, Gulf of Mex.  1863, March, Mouth of Sabine R., Tex.
CHEROKEE Confederate troop transport on the Coosa River.
1. CITY OF MEMPHIS, 1862, Apr, Converted into hospital boat.
     Took sick and wonded from ft. Donelson to St. Louis, made three trips to
     Keokuk with wounded, total of 928 soldiers: brought 350 fron Tennessee R.
     to Cincinnati early May 1862. 
CITY BELLE, USQMC boat, troop and supply carrier.
CLIFTON, 1863, Sept. 1, Galveston, Tex. was Union gunboat.
COLONEL LOWELL, Confederate Cotton Clad, June 6, rammed and sunk in battle. 
CONESTOGA gunboat for Union Navy during Civil War.
CONVOY, U.S. Boat during Civil War.
CONTINENTAL,1862, impressed into U.S. service as a troop carrier and was in
             Grant's Tennessee River campaign.
			 1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman
		     1864, St. Louis, was as hospital boat. 
CONVOY NO. 2, U.S.Quarter Master.Division. boat.  acquired 1964, Jan. 12.
CORA (No. 4),  1861, went to Confederate Registry.
COVINGTON, U.S. TINCLAD #?, 1863, Feb. 13, taken over by U.S..
DAN, 1862, Union gunboat, Sabine R., Tex.
DE SOTO,  Union cotton-clad.
DES MOINES U.S. appropriated during Civil War to transport troops and supplies.
DE SOTO( the 3rd one)/GENERAL LYON/ALABAMA(the 3rd one)
        1862, Apr., Captured by U.S. Forces at Island 10 Miss. R. and  made
              into a tinclad.
DIADO  Union troop carrier.
DIXIE, Confederate Transport
EASTPORT A confederate Ironclad that was captured. Blown up to avoid recapture.
         Also see - The History and Archaeology of Two Civil War Steamboats:
ELFIN  See  Raising the Gunboats. Gunboat
EMPERESS, 1862, Impressed into U. S. Service transporting wounded and hosp. supplies.
FLETCHER 1865 Lower Ouachita R. and Little River carring troops, corn and
              other supplies for the Confederacy
GENERAL BRAGG, Confederate Cotton-clad
      GENERAL STERLING PRICE, Confederate tinclad, captured by U.S. to become
      the GENERAL PRICE, U.S. gunboat
GENERAL VAN DORN,  Confederate ironclad
GRANITE CITY, 1864, May, U.S. Gunboat, Sabine R. Tex.
GROSBEAK, U.S.S. Union gunboat  
HARTFORD Union gunboat, Farragut's flagship
HARVEST MOON, Union Gunboat
HARRY JOHNSON, Union boat.
HAZEL DELL, 1862, Jan. Was Union transport for 2nd Kentucky Regiment,
                     Charleston - Jeffersonville
              1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman
HENRY CLAY, 1863, Apr. 22, burned and lost while running batteries at Vicksburg
J.B. ADAMS, 1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman
J.F. CARR, 1863, Confederate cottonclad on Sabine R., Tex.
J.M. SHARP, 1860, Dec., enrolled in Confederacy list At New Orleans
IDAHAO, chartered to haul U.S. Army supplies.
JAMES WATSON, U.S. troop and supply service.
JOHN D. PERRY, Union boat
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JOHN WARNER Union Boat, 1864, May 5, sunk by rebel fire.  see Account
                  went to rescue of tinclad # 19 above ft. Donelson where Rebels attacked..
JOHN J. ROE, 1862 Supported Ulysses S. Grant's forces at battle of Shiloh.
JOSIAH H. BELL, Went to confederate registry in 1861.  Was a gunboat, then a blockade runner.
KATE CASSEL, 1863-64, U.S. troop transport
KENTON, *1862, Jan. Was Union transport for 2nd Kentucky Regiment,
                     Charleston, W. Va. - Jeffersonville, Ind.
KEY WEST No. 3, 1863, Mar. 16 -64, Nov. 4, owned by U.S. Navy as Tinclad #32 
KEY WEST No. 4, 1864?, was sold to U.S..
LAURA MOORE Confederate troop transport on the Coosa River.
LUMINARY, 1863-5, in U.S. service as troop carier and supply boat.  1863, Apr. 2,
MARMORA, *1862, Jan. Was Union transport for 2nd Kentucky Regiment,
                     Charleston, W. Va. - Jeffersonville, Ind.
MARY E. FORSYTH, U.S. Transport
MARY WILSON, 1862, July 1, Was Southern troop    transport, Mobile Bay. 
MOSES McLELLAN,    U.S. supply boat 
NASHVILLE, At outbreak of war was converted to U.S. Hospital Ship
NASHVILLE, U.S. Supplies carrier
NAUMKEAG, U.S. service
NEVADA, U.S. service, hospital ship.
OHIO VALLEY, U.S. Navy tinclad #10.
OLIVE BRANCH, Union. Carried stores to Randolph and Ft. Pillow during war.
PARTHENIA, Impressed into U.S. service. 1863, burned by Rebels. PEOSTA became U.S. Navy TINCLAD #36
PRAIRIE ROSE, *1864, June 4, In U. S. service, was fired into by guerrillas near Waverly
PETRELL, U.S. tinclad. 1864, Apr. 22, captured and burned by Confederates.
RED ROVER, Acrquired by South. Dammaged, taken by North to become hospital ship.
RUTH, U.S. boat. 1863, Aug. 4, 6 mi. below Cairo, Ill., was burned by Robert Louden,
    Confederate spy. She was carring military stores and had 2.6 million in greenbacks in her
    safe. 30 lives were lost.
SACHEM, 1863, Sept. 9 was a captured Union gunboat, Sabine R. Tex.
SALLIE LIST 1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman.
SIGNAL TINCLAD #8, 1862, Sept. 22, bought by U.S. Navy, in escort of JOHN WARNER
    when fired upon. Red River.
ST.CLAIR/TINCLAD #19, U.S. troop/supply carrier. 1863, Apr. 2, was assisted by LUMINARY,
    above Ft. Donelson where Rebels attacked her.
SUNSHINE, 1851, Captured by Confederates for troop transport. 1863, Recaptured by Union. 
35TH PARALLEL,1862, Apr 27, Southern troop transport, Little Rock-Memphis.
TIGRESS, One of General Grant's dispatch boats.
UNCLE BEN, Confederate, cotton clad gunboat, Sabine R. Tx.
UNIVERSE,1862, April, Tenn. R., Troop transport under command of Union.
WESTFIELD, 1863, Jan. Union gunboat, Galveston Bay, Tex.
Gen. Wm. T. Sherman 
V.F. WILSON, Was one of General Grant's dispatch boat out of Vicksburg. 
WAVE, 1864, May, Union gunboat, Sabine R. Tex.    
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TAWAH, Union gunboat
TINCLAD #27, the 1862 ARGOSY

UNDINE, Union gunboat
VENUS, Union gunboat
1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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