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    Type: Sternwheeler, Towboat               Size: small
    Launched: 1926
    Area: Present: Muskinfum R.,Marietta, OH
    Owner: Latest known: Gene and Claire Fitch
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: "The Claire E. is just a couple of yards away from the
               W. P. Snyder jr. on the Muskingum River in Marietta. 
               Built in 1926 the former towboat Claire E. is said to
               be one of the first towboats to be converted to a home.
               Gene and Claire Fitch purchased her in 1965, converted
               her and then lived on the boat." 
                                        Copyright by Franz Neumeier

    Comments: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in
              ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis.  Badly 

    Launched: ?1870'S, early?
    Area: 3. 1871, California Delta, upper San Joaquin R.

    Launched: 1850s or 60s?
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

1. Name: CLARA S
    Launched: 1877, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1883, Dec. 27, Tehula Lake, snagged and sunk.
    Area: 1878, New Orleans-Ouachita R.
    Captains: 1877, Master, William Wenzel
              1878, May, Louis Ranson

    Comments:  Fictional name given to the LEADER for
               the filming of Will Rogers movie Steamboat Round The Bend.
1. Name: CLARION
	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 73 Tons
	Launched; 1851, Spring, Mononfahela, Pa.
	Destroyed: *cir. 1860, St. Paul Levee, sank.
	Area: At first, Pittsburgh - Zanesville
		  Later, Pittsburgh - West Newton and up Youghiogheny R.
		  Later, Three trips a week, Pittsburgh-Kittanning-Catfish
		  1853-57 or so, St. Paul R. trade
	Owners: Built for Capt. Martin Millinger
			*At one time, Captain Humbertson
			1853-57, * Capt. Oliver Keep and Capt. John C. Hoffman
	Captains: A frist, Jesse White
			  1853-57, *Oliver Keep and John C. Hoffman
	Comments: Took barge carrying B&O Railroad steam engine "George Washington"
				to Wheeling.  Engine was landed on shore near Belmont Mills
				with block and tackle.  This was the first steam engine
				to come to Wheeling.
			: *1857, Apr. 13, was second boat out of St.Paul.
			: Her whistle was reported to be so large as to make her topheavy.
	* Information supplied by site visitor Lil Heselton.
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    Launched: 1839 or so, Wheeling, W. Va.
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING INTELLIGENCER,  June 24, 1951

    Type: Stern-wheeler      Size:
    Launched: 1840s, late?
    Comments: 1848, was at Cincinnati's levee.

Name: CLAY

    Launched: 1850's early
    Area: 1854-56, Sacramento R. Calif.
    Owner(s): 1856, California Steam Navigation Company

Name: CLERMONT, Originally called the "Experiment". Also refered to as the NORTH RIVER
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection. Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sidewheel and sails. Size: 149' x 18' x 7' (original size was 133' long-then modified) Launched: 1807 Area: Lower Hudson R., Albany - New York City Owner: Hudson River Steamboat Co. Captains: Andrew Brink, Bartholomew, Artur Helme Roorback Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly. : Her conception and first voyages : Named for Chancellor Livingston's home, Clermont. The Chancelor supplied the funds to build the boat. : See Model Name: CLERMONT Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 79 tons Launched: 1863, New Richmond, Oh. Destroyed: 1867, Mar. 8 near Helena, Zurdette Chute, snagged, turned turtle, lost. Area: White R.- New Orleans Owners: At first, Capt. Irwin. 1864, Mar. 15, Irwin sold to Capt. Uriah B. Scott for $20,000 Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: CLEVELAND Type: Sidewheeler Cost: boat: $22,500 Boilers and engines: $50,000 Launched: 1837 Area: Great lakes Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: CLIFFORD B. SEAY Area: 1890s, Coosa R. (Ga. and ALA.) Captains: At one time, Samuel A Cosper Comments: Source Name: CLIFTON Type: 1863, Galveston, Tex., Union Gunboat Comments: 1863, Sept. 1, Galveston Bay, Tex., Confederate cannon destroyed her boilers. : Source 1. Name: CLIFTON
From John Hartford River Musician Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sidewheeler/ wood hull Size: Length: 182'; Width: 36'; Draft: 6' Launched: 1864, Cincinnati Destroyed: 1869, burned at Cincinnati docks. Gunpowder magazine exploded. Took several other boats with her. Area: Memphis to Cicinnati Owner: Capt. George D. Hoople and others Captain: Hoople, George D. Stine, Frank Comments: Ran under Memphis and Cincinnatti Packet Co. colors under Capt. Frank Stine. Collided with The ROSE HITE and had to be towed back to Louisville by the TARASCON. 1868, May 2: Burst starboard steam line. Dammaged cabin floor. No serious injuries. 1869, May 12: She burned at Cincinnati docks. Gunpowder magazing exploded. She took several other packets with her. 1. Name: CLIFTON/OHIO Type: sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 252' X 39' X 6'. Power: engines, 20's- 7 ft. 3 boilers, each 47" X 28', six 10" flues. Launched: 1879, Cincinnati, Oh., Cincinnati Marine Ways Co. Destroyed: 1881, Jan. 20, Ky. R., sunk by ice. Raised and rebuilt into the OHIO Owners: David Gibson, Capt. Wash Honshell, J.N. Willianson, T.N. Johnson and others. Associated with: Operated in the Pittsburgh & St. Louis Packet Company Name: CLINTON Launched: 1828 in Wheeling, W. Va. Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Name: CLIPPER 1840-43 1. Name: CLIPPER Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 173' X 22'4" X 4' 8" Power: Single compound engine, 16", 32"-6'. 2 boilers, later 3. Launched: 1843, Pittsburgh, Pa Destroyed: 1850, out of service. Area: Pittsburgh-Cincinnati until outclassed by better boats. Then tramped. Owners: Capt. Horatio Nelson Crooks, with *Thomas K. Litch and **Ezra Porter. Captain: Horatio Nelson Crooks Comments:*Thomas K. Litch was builder of the engine. **Ezra Porter ran the boat yard at Shousetown, Pa. : Was first western steamboat to have compound engines. These engines became known as "Clipper Engines" Name: CLIPPER 1859-66 Name: CLIPPER 1865-65 Name: CLIPPER 1867-82 Name: CLIPPER 1880- still active 1886, New Orleans 1. Name: CLIPPER Type: Probably a sternwheeler, sawmill boat. Launched: 1888, Hays Landing, W. Va. on Ohio R. Area: Tenn. R. Owners: variously owned, but for a time by Doss Baker, Clifton, Tenn. Comments: eventually became 1916 CLIPPER. (see below) : This is more than likely the same boat as the 1888 SAWMILL CLIPPER 1. Name: CLIPPER Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull Packet. Size: 135' X 23' X 5.' Power: 8's-42" stroke. 1 boiler, 48" X 18' Launched: 1916, Slidell, La. Destroyed: 1928, Mar. New Orleans, in spectacular fire. Area: 1916, Black and Ouachita Rs. Owners: Carter Bros., New Orleans Comments: Boat originated as the 1880 SAWMILL CLIPPER above. Got new hull in 1916 and was extensively rebuilt, probably using much equipment from 1888 SAWMILL CLIPPER (Above). 1. Name: CLIPPER No. 2 Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 210 X 28.9 X 6. Launched: 1846, Shousetown, Pa. Destroyed: 1854, dismantled Power: Compound Engines, 16's, 32's- 7 ft. Area: Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Owners: Capt. Horatio Nelson Crooks, George Black, Robert S. Hays, Thomas S Clarke, William Thaw, William Bigham, Edwin R. Wells, Thomas K. Litch, Alex Miller, and David Holmes. Captains: Later, Pres Duvol, John Shouse. Comments: Was the first double engine compound steamboat on western waters. These engines became known as "Clipper Engines" : Capt. C.W. Batchelor was pilot on her for three seasons. Said she was hard to steer. Finally got off "to go home and die", which he didn't. : Engineer Sam Young said she was hard to keep steam up on. Name: COAPAH Launched: 1850s, early. Area: Colorado R. Owner: Johnson, George Name: COCOPAH
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Name: COLORADO, might be 2. the other a Stern-wheeler Type: Side-wheeler Size: Launched: 1850s, early Area: Mo. R./ Colorado R. Owner: Johnson, George Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: 1865, At Omaha docks with supplies for building railroad. Name: COLUMBIA Type: Stern-wheeler, Size: 90 X 16 Launched: 1850 Area: Columbia R. Astoria to Portland. *Possibly to Panama Captains: *1853, Dec., Doll Comments: *Source Name: COLUMBIA (Originally the CAPITOL CITY) Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size as COLUMBIA, 156' x 24.2' x 4' Rebuilt as COLUMBIA: 1893, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. Destroyed: 1908, Mar. 25, 5 AM, hit lock wall at Damn 18, lost. No lives lost. Power: As COLUMBIA, Engines, 12's- 4 1/2 ft., 2 boilers, each 36" X 22'. Area: at first, Charleston-Galliposis R. 1905, Marietta - Pt. Pleasant, towing owner's showboat. Owners: 1899 - 1901, Kanawha Navigation Company. 1901, went to Charleston & Gallipolis Packet Company. 1902, June 28, sold entire to H.W. Senz, Malden, W. Va. 2 days later sold to Montgomery & Gallipolis Packet Company. 1905, Feb. 1, purchased entire by Capt. E.E. Eisenbarth. Captains: At first, Miller Burdette 1904, Mar. 25, A.S. Leash, Red House, W. Va. Comments: 1904, Mar. 25, wind blew her into a rock. Sank. Raised. : Whistle went to HELEN LANE Name: COLUMBIA
Click to open Picture Page From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet/excursionboat Size: 166.5' X 33.6' X 5.' Power: Engines, 14's- 6 ft. Two boilers Launched: 1897, Clinton, Iowa Destroyed: 1918, July 5, Pekin, Ill., snagged in fog. 89 lives lost. Area: 1912-18, excursions on Ill. R. Owners: Built for W.J. Young & Co., Clinton, Iowa 1905, Mar. purchased by Capt. Walter Blair and others 1912, Jan., sold to Capt. H.F. Meld, Peoria, Ill for $14,500 Captains: 1905, S.R. Dodds became master. Comments: 1905, winter, Capt. Blair removed 10 forward staterooms to make an excursion boat of her. : 1907, Sept., chartered to participate in Roosevelt Parade, Keokuk-Memphis Name: COLUMBIA QUEEN Type: propeller driven steamboat style overnight cruise boat Launched: 2000 Leevac Shipyards, Inc., Jennings, LA, completed at Cascade General, Inc., in Portland, Or. for Delta Queen Steamboat Co. Size: 218' x 66', 1,599 tons. 81 passengers in cabins. Owners: 2000- 2001, Delta Queen Steamboat Co. 2005 - ?, Great American River Journeys Co. Seattle Office
2101 4th Avenue, Suite 2200
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone (206) 388-0444
Fax (206) 388-0445
Toll Free 800-901-9152 Comments: Though she has no paddlewheel, everything else about this boat is truly steamboat style. Name: COLUMBIA GORGE Type: diesel-electric Sternwheeler Destroyed: Still afloat? Source 3. Name: COLUSA Launched: 1850's early Area: 1854-56, Sacramento R. Calif. Owner(s): 1856, California Steam Navigation Company Name: COLUMBUS Launched: 1830s Area: Misss. R.
Show you care, send a Bear!
    Launched: 1850s? Early?
    Destroyed: 1853, Suisun Bay, Calf. Run down and sunk by the JOHN BRAGDON 
    Area: 1850s, early California Delta
    Type:                Size: small
    Launched: 1812, Approx., by Fulton, Robert and Livingston, Robert
    Owner: Mr. Bell
    Comments: Source

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.    Size: 25 ton
    Launched: 1813, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1814, dismantled because she was too deep and slow for
               Miss R.
    Area: N. O. to Natchez
    Owner: French, Daniel, possibly funded whole or in
           part by Capt. Abraham Kimber, Brownsville
    Captain: Capt. Henry Shreve
    Comments: 1814, set record for up-river trip between N.O. and
              Natchez at 5 days 10 hrs.
            : see Article
			: Also See 

Name: COMET No. 3
    Comments: Credit
    Comments: Made run N.O. - Natchez 1814, 5/10/0

    Type: Sternwheeler               Size: 60' X 12'
    Power: 60 hp boiler, and two 20 hp engines
    Launched: 1908, July 4
    Destroyed: 1908? tied up at Green River City, Co., the engines
               removed, and the old hulk finally floundered there.
    Area: Green River, Colorado
    Owner: Green River Navigation Company
    Captain: H. Larsen 
    Comments: Source

    Launched: 1840s? mid?
    Area: Originally, Long Island Sound, then California Delta

    Type: Side-wheeler  Size:
    Launched: 1840s?
    Area: Eastern Boat
    Owner: Vanderbilt, C.
    Comments: Lost race with OREGON

    Type: Side-wheeler               Size: 456'
    Launched: 1908
    Destroyed: Post 1937
    Area: Long Island Sound
    Owner: New Haven Railroad
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: Was worlds longest and at $2,000,000 the most costly
              boat when launched.
    Comments: See this web site: Fall River and Providence Steamboat Company

    Type:  Sidewheel steel hull Excursion boat
    Size: 455' 2" X 55', BWL (94'7" over guards)
    Power: a 12,000 Hp compound inclined engine with feathering wheels.
           Turbine and propellers were considered, but rejected for the
           advantages of sidewheels.
    Launched: 1907, October 12,  Delivered for service June 23, 1908
    Destroyed: Post 1937
    Area: Long Island Sound
    Owner: New Haven Railroad
    Comments: Was worlds longest and at $2,000,000 the most costly boat
              when launched.
            : Built for night service between New York and Fall River with
              1703 berths.
            : Forced air draft for boilers supplied ventilation air for
              first class cabins.
            : Outfitted with electric lighting, pressurized fire hoses and
              thermostatically controlled heat.
            : Interior furnished in mixture of French, Italian Renaisance
              and Venetian/Gothic styles.
            : During speed trials maximum speed was 23.09 mph.  
           *  All the above data is gleaned from a report read at the 16th
              general meeting of SNAME in New York in November, 1908.  
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