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MISSISSIPPI, Feb. 28, Waterproof, La., Snagged and sunk. MOLLIE ABLE, Mar. 8, in the Great St. Louis Tornado CORNELIA, Nov. 16, Algiers, La., burned and sank. CARRIE POOL, Algiers, La. , burned.
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IDA STOCKDALE, April, Bismark, S.D., sunk by ice. OLIVE BRANCH, July 22, Liberty Island below St. Louis. Hit a stump which tore down her entire hull causing her to sink within 1 1/2 min. IRON MOUNTAIN (Fictional?) Boat, crew and 55 passengers dissapeared in 1872 on Mississippi without trace. KATE KINNEY NO. 1, "Burned at New Albany, Indiana
CITY of CAIRO, July, 7, Burned at New Orleans. HUNTSVILLE, Aug. 26, Red River, broke tiller, hit bank, sank, no people lost. DAMSEL, 1873 or 6 snagged and run aground at the head of Onawa bend.
HENRY AMES, Aug., Waterproof, La.: Snagged and sank.
LA BELLE, Fire at Vicksburg dock
MAY LOWERY, Feb. 20, "New Orleans, burned. PAT CLEBURNE, May 17, Below Shawneetown, Ill. boiler blew and she burned.
J. DON CAMERON, May 17, on first trip. Boat and cargo a total loss. GREAT REPUBLIC/GRAND REPUBLIC, Sept. 9, caught fire at St. Louis. JOHN F. TOLLE, Nov. 10, grand Gulf, Miss., burned BANNOCK CITY, mouth of Kentucky R., ice OSCEOLA, on way up Yellowstone R. by a tornado
MARY E. FORSYTH, late May, enroute to Pensacola, Fl., off Chandeleur Islands, caught in storm and lost. No lives lost. LESSIE TAYLOR, Feb. 3, sank at mouth of Atchafaylaya R. DELLS, Oct. 26 snagged and exploded above Arago Neb.
LAKE SUPERIOR, Mar. 4, Alton Slough, burned. thought from fire started in boat's barbershop. Took the DUBUQUE with her. DUBUQUE, Mar. 4, Alton Slough, burned while being readied for spring season. BASTROP, Apr. 24, Sank in Bayou Bartholomew. DALLAS, Sometime in the seventies, near Morgan's Is.
1870s. date unknown
GOLD DUST, Aug. 7, 3:00 PM Hickman Ken., exploded. NARRAGANSETT, Rhode Island Sound, Blew up after a collision.
DENVER No. 2, May 13, sunk or crushed by ice opposite Fort Lincoln, N. Dak. OUACHITA BELLE, Nov. Fox Island.
ANNIE LEE, Wrecked near Euphrase Bend, Mo. R. JAMES HOWARD, Dec., Burned at dock MOLLIE MOORE, U. Mo. R., Chamberland, S.D., Caught in low water, rocks stabbed holes in hull.
IONE, Mouth of Petit Saline R. below Rocheport, lost. JOSEPH KINNEY, Wrecked near Euphrase Bend, Mo. R.
GEM CITY, Sept. 22, burned at foot of Barton St., St Louis, Mo. KATE KINNEY NO. 2, "Burned at Shreeveport, La. KATIE P. KOUNTZ, David Landing on Miss. R., burned
EDGAR, Mar. 26.Ice. Near Omaha, Neb. E. H. DURFEE, May 23. Overloaded. Went down at mouth of Gasconade R.. MONTANA, June 22, St. Charles Mo., Capricious current forced her against a railroad bridge's supports and sank her. JOHN M. CHAMBERS, July, snagged, burned and lost DACOTAH No. 2, Sept. 17, snagged near Providence Mo. GENERAL SHERMAN/ELLA KIMBROUGH, Sept. 20. Hit snag in St. Charles Chute. HENRY FRANK, Burned at Davis Creek Bend H. C. COLEMAN, Mo. R., near Rocheport, Mo, in the Diana Bend. ARKANSAS, Lousiana, mo, or St. Louis, Sunk by ice
MOUNTAIN GIRL, NOV. 5, Collided with JAMES W. GOFF and sank with Holland & McMahon circus on board.
JOHN L. RHOADS/CHAS. C. CARROLL, Sept. 15, Chapman's Landing, Mo., snagged and lost. J.M. WHITE, Dec. 13, Burned at Blue Store Landing, KATE BRUNER, Mouth of White River: Hit a wreck
CHESAPEAKE, Mar. 26, New Madrid, Mo., burned ECLIPSE, Sept. 3. 15 mi. below Sioux City I.
JUlIA, Feb. 27, boiler explosion KATE ADAMS No. 1, Dec. 23, burned JOHN H. HANNA ?1888?, Dec. 24, Plaquemine, La., burned, lost 22 lives? BEAVER, hit rocks GRANITE STATE, ?1888? Grand Chain, Ohio R., near Mound City, Ill. sank and lost.
CORONA, Exploded MINNIE H./MISSOURI, Oct. 4, Blue Blanket Island, N.D., hit rock and was lost. H. HANNA BLANKS, Dec. 19, Ouachita R., sank
1880s, sometime in
FRED A. BLANKS During New Orleans Exposition, she was cut in two by a steamship.
NEW MARY HOUSTON, Jan. 10, New Orleans, when upriver ice gorge broke.
LITTLE EAGLE No. 2, was flipped over by a twister and sank
JOHN D. SCULLY, Aug. 20, Carrollton, La., burned. OCEAN WAVE, Greenville, Miss., burned.
CITY of CAIRO, May 27, in Great St. Louis Tornado. LIBBIE CONGER, May 27, in Great St. Louis Tornado. MARY MORTON, Oct., Crain's Island near Grand Tower, Ill, Snagged and lost.
JOHN D. LEWIS, Feb. 17, Burned EAGLE, ?Feb 27?. Lexington Mo. burned when gasoline stove exploded. BENTON IV, July 18th, became sideways when stopping for drawbridge at Souix City. Backed into piling, holing hull. Out of control, she plunged under the unraised drawbridge, destroying her upper works. She was wrecked. MISSOURI, boiler explosion ONWARD, Burned on Monongahela river, near Glenwood.
LAST CHANCE, near Omaha, snagged and lost.
JOHN R. HUGO, May 22, Florence, Neb., burned. OUACHITA (N0. 2)/FRED A. BLANKS (No. 2)/VICKSBURG (No. 3) As OUACHITA, 1899, Memphis, Tenn., 1:30 A.M., burned. 3 died.
GOLCONDA, Aug. 16, Livingston Point above Paducah, Ky., capsized by wind. JOSIE, L. Miss. R. snagged and burned.
IDA SMITH, 1902, about, Lestart, Oh., burned
CITY OF ST. LOUIS, Oct. 29: Burned at dock at Carondelet, Mo GENERAL SLOCUM, Fire. Considered worst steamboat disaster of all time. Of 2,000 aboard, 957 persons were lost.
LIZZIE TOWNSEND, June 23, by fire
CITY of MONROE/HILL CITY/CORWIN H. SPENCER, Oct. 12, above Jefferson Barracks, Mo., burned
JOSEPHINE, March 8, Running Water, S. Dakota, lost to ice.
MARY F. GOLDEN, Jan. 28, Bayou Teche, burned.
J.S., June 18, burned at Bad Ax Island
LUCILLE NOWLAND, Dec., Eveansville, Ind. upper works burned.
H. K. BEDFORD, early, Beans Landing, near Marietta, cut down by ice and lost. IMPERIAL, June 16, burned IMPERIAL MARIAH, summer, snagged. ANNIE CADE, Kansas City, hit a bridge piers and sank. AUTOCRAT No 1, Snagged
ISLAND QUEEN, 191?3?, burned.
GEM, Feb. 14, Hahnville Landing, La. Burned
ABIGAIL, Feb. 15, Cedar Farm Landing, Ind., burned.
BEN HUR, March, Duckport, Miss., sank and was lost. ELECTRA/SUNNY SOUTH, Apr. 20, 6;30AM, about 25mi. out of Mobile, capsized. AVALON, Feb. 2, burned in night at mouth of Little Kanawha R. GRACE BARTON, by fire during filming of movie Jim Bledsoe. KANAWHA, Ohio R., sank
LIBERTY/CITY of PARKERSBURG, early, Russell, Ky., hit half submerged barge, sank. ALTON, Jan. Crushed by ice CITY of CINCINNATI, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. GREENLAND, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. LOUCINDA, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. JULIUS FLEISCHMAN, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. VAL P. COLLINS, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. ISLAND PRINCESS, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. CITY of LOUISVILLE, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. GRAY EAGLE N0. 2, Jan. Smashed by ice
JOHN R. WELLS, Jan. 30, Pelican Bend near St. Charles, Mo., sank
CHRIS GREEN, Nov. 4, Cincinnati, Burned in dock fire ISLAND QUEEN, Nov. 4, Burned at Cincinnati ISLAND MAID, Nov. 4, Cincinnati, Burned in dock fire. TACOMA, Nov. 4, Cincinnati, Burned in dock fire. MORNING STAR, Nov. 4, Cincinnati, Burned in dock fire.
GREENWOOD, November 17. Cincinnati. Backed into by steamer
G. W. HILL/ISLAND MAID, Dec. 7, burned on ways at Madison, Ind.
KLONDIKE, on the Yukon River
CAPT. WEBER, Stockton, Calf. riverboat fire that took several old riverboats.
WM. GARIG/GOLDEN EAGLE, May 17, ran aground on Tower Island and sank.
ISLAND QUEEN, Sept. 9, Welding accident at Pittsburgh dock caused fuel tank explosion that demolished her. 19 crewmembers died.
DAVENPORT/W. J. QUINLAN, April 8, vagrants set her afire. Completely destroyed. CAPE GIRARDEAU/GORDON C. GREEN, Sunday, Dec. 3, St. Louis, sank dockside.
Date Unkown
ARKANSAS, Confederates set on fire to keep from Union troops. BIG HORN, Launched: 1860s? Destroyed: Stranded. BUZZARD, ran aground and sank. CITY of NEWARK, By fire
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