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NEW ORLEANS, Snagged and sunk
CONSTITUTION, Mar. 3, Sat. Boiler explosion. 10 - 12 lives lost.
1818 or 19
MISSOURI PACKET, 1819 or 20? Mo. R.. snagged and sank near Hardeman's Island just above the mouth of the Lamine R..
HOPE (possibly), summer, Miss. R. near Iberville, LA., exploded.
HELEN McGREGOR, blew up near Memphis.
CAR of COMMERCE", May 6, sank.
EDGEFIELD, reportedly sank at Burton's Ferry on Savannah R.. FAR WEST, St Charles, Mo.
DIANA, Oct. Snagged 2-1/2 mi above Rocheport Mo.
BEN SHARROD, May, near 19 mi. above Ft. Adams, Miss., burned CHARITON, Wrecked, Mo. R.
ORONOKO, Apr. 21, Princeton, Miss., Collapsed her flues and exploded. MOSELL, Apr. 25, just out of Cincinnati, boilers exploded killing 160. DANIEL G. TAYLOR, hit rocks 1 mi below Glasgow, Mo. DART, Wrecked near Glasgow or in Euphrase Bend, Mo. R. ELK ?Burned? at Massie's wood yard 5 mi. below Herman Mo..
KNICKERBOCKER, Miss. R., snagged
LEXINGTON, Jan. 13, cotton bales stacked along side decks were ignited by her hot stack. NORTH CAROLINA, July 26. Struck by the Gov. Dudley CHARLES H. GREEN, Mo. R. near Boonville, Mo. EUPHRASE, wrecked at Euphrase Bend, Mo. R. HINDS, Lost in tornado at Natchez PRAIRIE, in tornado at Natchez
EDNA, July 3. Blew up near Green Island at the mouth of Mo. R..
J. M. WHITE, Mar 28, snagged above Cairo, Ill.. 1 woman drowned.
CAPITOL, Dec. 27, burned at seventy-six Landing, Mo.
BIG HATCHIE, blew up near Herman Mo. killing 35 and wounding many more JOHN AULL, Sank Near Arrow Rock, Mo. on Mo. R.
1843 DR. FRANKLIN, Mar. 8, New Orleans, burned. NASHVILLE, July, Allegheny R. warf, burned. MAJESTIC, 1846, blew up


ACADIA, May 17, Fire at St. Louis Docks ADAMS JACOBS , May 17, Fire at St. Louis Docks ALEXANDER HAMILTON, May 17, fire at St. Louis docks AMERICAN EAGLE, May 17, fire at St. Louis docks BELLE ISLE, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks. BOREAS No. 3, May 17, fire at St, Louis docks. EDWARD BATES, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks ELIZA STUART, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks. ENDORS, May 17, Fire at St.Louis docks EUDORA, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks GENERAL BROOKS, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks. KIT CARSON, May 17, fire at St. Louis docks LOUISIANA, Nov. Exploded leaving dock in ? MAMELUKE, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks MANDAN, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks MARTHA, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks. MONTAUK, May 17, fire at St. Louis docks. PRAIRIE STATE, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks AMELIA, Mo. R. Near Euphrase Bend
JULIA, Sept. 14, Bellefontaine Bend, Mo. R. snagged.
OCEAN WAVE, Feb. 11, Louisville, Ky., burned. CORA (No. 2), May 5, below Council Bluffs Iowa, Snagged and sunk, 15 lost. JOHN A. SUTTER, June, Exploded on a run to Maryville, Calf.. MISSOURI, July 8, St. Louis, Mo. MONTGOMERY, Nov. 7, New Carthage, Miss., 33 mi. below Vicksburg, burned. JOHN ADAMS, Snagged and sank
DEWITT CLINTON, Jan. 25, Dismal Point, opposite Presidents Island below Memphis, snagged and lost. 36 lives lost. POCAHONTAS, Mar. 14, Island 78, Miss. R., Burned Lost 10 lives HENRY CLAY, July 28, blew up during race with ARMENIA. BOSTONA, Nov. 25, At or near Ford's Ferry, Ky., above Cave In Rock, stranded and sank, then was cut down by ice DUROCK Snagged at St. Charles Bend, Mo. R.
1848 DR. FRANKLIN, 1853, July 7, St. Louis, burned COMANCHE, Suisun Bay, Calf. Run down and sunk by the JOHN BRAGDON EASTPORT A confederate Ironclad that was captured. Blown up to avoid recapture
NOMINEE, Apr. 8, snagged and lost at Britts Landing. 1847 DR. FRANKLIN, May 7, McCartney, Wiss., Collision with GALENA CAPE MAY, Aug. 2, Mount vernon, Ind.. Snagged and lost. 18 died. HUNTSVILLE, Aug. 21, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., snagged and lost.
HINDOO, Jan. 28, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., snagged and lost. HUNTSVILLE No. 2, Mar. 24, Hamburg, Tenn.,Tenn. R., burned. EL PASO, Apr. 10, Snagged and sunk at Franklin's Island below Boonville, Mo. BANNER STATE, April 11, Mo. R., Brickhouse Bend, snagged and lost. ALTON, May 7, Yazoo river, Burned KEYSTONE STATE, May 13, Florence, Ill., burned. KATE SWINNEY, Aug., sank near Vermillion R.. PRAIRIE CITY, Dec. 7, St. Louis docks, burned. PARTHEIA, Dec. 7, St. Louis docks, burned. TWIN CITY, Dec. 7, St. Louis docks, burned. PRAIRIE CITY, Dec. 7, St. Louis by fire
ADRIATIC, ?St Louis Ice Crush? AUSTRALIA, Apr. St.Louis Ice Crush N. J. EATON, Apr. 9: at Augusta Bend on her first trip up Mo. R.. EMPIRE, Apr. 15, Island #37, snagged and lost. BRUNETTE, late Feb, St. Louis, torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow. Don't know if was destroyed by this. CHALLENGE, late Feb, St. Louis, torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow. Don't know if destroyed. BEN BOLT, late Feb, St. Louis, torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow. Don't know if was destroyed by this. BON ACCORD, late Feb, St. Louis, torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow. Crushed and sunk. CLARA, late Feb, late Feb, St. Louis, torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow. Don't know if was destroyed by this. FEDERAL ARCH, Feb. St. Louis Ice Crush. FALLS CITY, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Don't know if destroyed. HIGHLAND MARY Feb., Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Crushed and sunk. JEANIE DEANS, Feb. 26, Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Crushed and sunk. LAMARTINE, Feb. 26, Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow. Crushed and sunk. EFFIE ALTON, June, Crashed into Rock Island Railroad bridge at Davenport IO. ARABIA, Sept, 5, snagged, sank. GENOA, Sept. 13, Nebraska City, snagged and lost. LADY FRANKLIN, Oct. 23, foot of Coon Slough at Warren Landing, snagged and sunk. 5 lives lost.
J. M. CONVERS, Mar., at Fairy Island A. C. GODDIN, Apr. 20, snagged and lost BEN COURSION, 1857? La Crosse, Ill. Collision DELAWARE, Snagged near Smith's Bar in Mo. DENNING, Snagged near Smith's Bar in Mo. EXPLORER, U. S., left tied to a tree on Colorado R. on first voyage. GALENA, fall, burned at Red Wing.
MONTGOMERY, Feb. 20, Algiers, La., burned. CITY of CAIRO, Apr. 12, Wabash R., Grand Chain, Ill. snagged and lost. DUNCAN S. CARTER, Aug. 28, Mo. R., Agusta Bend on downtrip from Weston, Mo.. DAN CONVERSE, Island No. 15, 10 mi above St Joseph Mo. HAMBURG, Lake Pepin, lost to ice.
MARION, Jan. 7, Soda Lake, La., snagged and lost. MARTHA JEWETT POLKA, Jan 3, Cairo, Ill., Burned and lost PRINCESS, Feb. 27, Exploded at Conrad's Point below Baton Rouge. 70 lives lost. MORNING STAR, June 21, St. Louis, Burned C. W. SOMBART, June, Burned near St. Louis. DUNCAN S. CARTER, Aug. 28, Augusta Bend, Weston, Mo. to St. Louis. Snagged. ST. NICHOLAS, 1859, Apr 24, 9 mi. above Helana, Ark., Exploded boilers. 60 lost lives, 16 saved.
J. H. OGLESBY, Wrecked near Euphrase Bend, Mo. R. KATE HOWARD, snagged and sunk, in the Osage Chute on Mo. R..
DEW DROP, June. Mouth of Osage R.. Burned. A. B. CHAMBERS NO. 2, Snagged above Mo. R. mouth. JULIA, Dec. 17, Arkansas R., snagged.
BELLE CREOLE, Feb. 1, Plum Point, Tenn., snagged CHIPPEWA, caught fire near Montana's Poplar R.. GRAY EAGLE N0. 1, spring, Smashed against a bridge piling. MESSENGER, Dec. 7, Rochester, Pa., lost by stranding.
COLONEL LOWELL, June 6, rammed and sunk in battle DACOTAH, Mar. 15, St. Joseph, Mo., tornado. 4 lives lost. DR. BUFFINGTON, Dec. lost on White R. FANNIE HARRIS, Dec. 27, Point Douglass, Hastings, Minn., lost in ice. LIBERTY, Dec. 27, Twelve Pole Creek, W.Va., snagged and lost. KEY WEST, Van Buren, Ark., burned
LANCASTER, Mar. Shelled in Civil War CINCINNATI, Apr. Union Gunboat. sunk by 10 inch cannon balls. GRAND DUKE, Sept. 25, burned at Shreveport. KEY WEST No. 2, Oct 26, Chester, Ill, snagged and lost. ALHAMBRA, Commerce, Mo. Burned MOUND CITY, Sunk in battle
HANNIBAL CITY, Sept. 4, Below Lousiana, Mo., snagged. Lost. KEY WEST No. 4, Apr. 1, Stove in on a snag, lost. CITY BELLE, May 4, Red R. near Snaggy Point, Was hit by shell from Rebel guns. JOHN WARNER, May 5, Red River, Dunns Bayou, shelled by Rebels. Sunk NORTHERNER, July 13, St. Louis, burned EMPERESS, Island 34, Miss. R. snagged and lost KEY WEST Nov. 3, Nov. 4, Johnsonville, tenn., burned to avoid capture KATIE, Nov. 22, Diamond Island, struck and sunk by DES MOINES BARKMAN, 18?64 or 5?, Burned ISLAND CITY, Snagged
HARVEST MOON, March 1, Winyah Bay 5 miles SSE of Georgetown, S.C., Struck mine JAMES WATSON, Mar. 2, sank near island # 76, 35 lives lost. BERTRAND,?Apr. 1?. Hit snag and sank some 20 mi. north of Omaha, Neb. CORA (No. 6), May 1at, 9A.M., Mo. R., about 50 mi. above Omaha, sank. BROTHER JONATHAN/COMMODORE, July 27: Off Crescent City, Calf. Struck a large rock in a heavy sea and was lost. GOVERNOR MORTON, Aug. 6, Indianapolis, Ind., sank. BEN STICKNEY, Nov. 16, Island 18, Miss. R. snagged and sunk. OMAHA, Dec. 16, St. Louis, lost in ice crush. IDA MAY, Dec. 28, Red R., sank
HATTIE MAY, Jan. 12, St. Louis, Mo., lost in ice crush. MISSOURI, Jan. 30, boilers explosion upbound on Ohio R. at mouth of Green R. LEVIATHAN, Feb. 26, St. Louis, Burned. LUNA, Feb. 26, St. Louis, burned EFFIE DEANS, Apr. 7, burned to the waterline at levee in St. Louis. NEVADA, Apr. 7, St. Louis, burned. NORTHERN LIGHT, Apr. 11, Coon Slough, Stern struck pile of ice, sank. IDA HANDY, 1866, June 2, St. Louis, Burned. POCAHONTAS, Aug. 9, Near Ft. Randall, S.D. on Mo. R., Snagged and lost MOLLIE DOZIER, Oct. 3, snagged back of Stoner Island in chute opposite Chamiois, Mo. HENRY VON PHUL, Nov. 15, Above Donaldsonville, La., burned. 5 lives lost.
NAUMKEAG/MONTGOMERY, Jan. 19, Erie, Ala., burned. 3 lives lost. DE SOTO (the 3rd one)/GENERAL LYON/ALABAMA(the 3rd one), Apr. 1, Grandview Reach above New Orleans, burned. LUMINARY, Mar. 8, below Helena Ark., snagged and lost. JULIA, May 10, within 4 mi. of Mankato, Minn., snagged DENVER No. 1, May 16, St, Joseph, Mo., Burned while lying at warf. G. W. GRAHAM, July 11, St. Louis, Burned with YELLOWSTONE D.A. JANUARY/NED TRACY, Dec. 18, Chester, Ill., snagged and lost
OHIO VALLEY, Sat. Jan. 4, 10:00 am, Walker's Landing 2 mi. below Gallipolis, Oh., boiler explosion. 5 persons lost. MAGNOLIA, Mar. 16, Exploded at the Coal Haven Bar, at the mouth of the Crawfish R.. AMERICA, Dec 4 Collided with UNITED STATES ALTA, stuck in mud near Elkhorn Calf on Upper San Jaquine R.. abandoned. OCEAN WAVE, Lake Pipin, Wis., burned
JUDGE FLETCHER, early, Red R., hit a rock IDAHOE, Jan. 10, Ouachita R., Columbia, La., sank and lost ANTELOPE, Apr. 12, burned 5 mi. below Bonhomme Isl. on Mo. R. NINA SIMMES, Apr. 17, near Baton Rouge, snagged and lost. INTREPID/BENTON, May 9, a few miles below DeSoto, Neb., snagged and lost. LOUISVILLE/OUACHITA/VICKSBURG (No. 2), July, burned at Cairo, Ill. CORA NO. 3 (Actually No. 7), Aug. 13, snagged near the mouth of the Mo. R. HAVANA, Aug. 16, Parlor Grove near north Bend Oh., Burned GEM, Nov. 9, Nebraska City, Neb., lost. JENNIE LEWIS, Burned at St. Louis CLIFTON, burned at Cincinnati docks. Gunpowder magazine exploded. MITTIE STEVENS, Near Swanson's Landing, Burned. 60 lives lost MOUNTAINEER, ran aground with broken wheel.
1860s, date unknown
HUNTSMAN, Grounded JOHN J. ROE, Sank in Madrid Bend
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