Frederick George Louis Beuhring Letters
Peggy Pike Gordon, 2456 Douglas Drive, San Angelo, Texas 76904 915/949-8870
April 6, 1999

Dave, Below are the two letters that were written by my gr-grandfather, Frederick George Louis Beuhring. He came to America as a youth - the only member of his family to come here. He settled in Baltimore,
worked for Frederick Konig Co, the largest import company in Baltimore. He fought in the war of 1812 in defense of Baltimore. In 1820 he married the niece of Frederick Konig and they moved to Cabell Co, VA, now WV. He became a well to do merchant and farmer, and was a member of the General Assembly of Virginia. His home, Maple Grove, was on the Ohio River and the land is now part of Huntington, WV. I came across these letters when looking for something else - I love that kind of discovery! I found that the Maryland Historical Society have in their manuscript collection, the papers of the Frederick Konig Company papers. I sent for a list of the contents and found that there were personal letters also. There were 50 letters F G L Beuhring wrote to his wife's uncle between 1820 and 1844. I purchased copies of all the letters and transcribed 23 of them - the rest were in old German Script. They are really very interesting and give you a feel for the times. Such as the 1840 letter below - we are so used to being able to write a check, get a money order, or bank draft to send funds anywhere in the world. F G L Beuhring was widowed for many years and in 1848, he married Melcena McGinnis, my gr-grandmother. After his death, she took her 5 children to Texas, where her parents and brothers had moved a few years before. That is how I got to be a Texan! Good luck, Peg Letter addressed to: Fredrick Konig, Baltimore On board Steamer
CANTON, Sunday April 14th, 1839
Dear uncle, I'm on my way home from a trip to Steubenville (where Louisa is at school at the institution under the care of the Revd. Mr Beatty) and Pittsburg. left in the hands of Mr Vols $550 for which he has promised me to obtain a check in your city, or Philadelphia & send it to you. When received & paid, I want to ask the favor of you, to remit that amount, for my account to the Cashier of the Bank of Virga at Richmond, to the credit of Peter Scales, when convenient for you to obtain a check or dft on that place. I left Fanny & the children all well. We hope that yourself, aunt and all our friends are enjoying the blessing of health and expect to receive by Mr Ross the confirmation of our wishes. For a long time we have been deprived of the pleasure of hearing from our esteem friends. Wishing them alland you, and Dear aunt in particular,health, happiness & content, remain with< torn page > esteem. Your very obdt Nephew & Servt F. G. L Beuhring Letter addressed to: Mr Fredk Konig, Mercht, Baltimore, Maple Grove, Va 14th June 1840 Dear Uncle, I had the pleasure to receive some days ago, your letter of May enclosing receipt from my mother of $100, and feel greatly obliged to you, for your kindness, in having this money placed in her hands. I hand you enclosed a dft for $41.28, on Mr Andrew Brune, (our representative in Congress), at Sight, which please forward with the enclosed letter, to your correspondent, for collection, I have the Balance ready, and if no private Conveyance present, will endeavor to get a $50 Virga note and forward it pr mail. During the whole period of timeI have lived in this Country, I never knew money to be so scarce. Eastern, paper is very scarce, and currency Consists all together of western Bank notes principally Illinois and Kentucky, Inda & Ohio. No collection of debts except by the officers of the law. The farmer's prospect of realising the cash for his produce at living prices are dull; we live however in hopes of a change, and better times, so soon as by the election of old Tippecanoe, we have secured, and shall produce, a change in the measures of the administration. While writing this, the Steamer Lawrence is passing by, with flying colours and martial music, and a full load of passengers returning from great Harrison meeting in Ohio. Since the days of Jefferson and Adams, no presidential election has created so much excitement as the present, it extends in the west to all classes, ages & sexes. Mary & her husband are with us on a visit,. Fanny & the children are well, all send their love to aunt & yourself and would rejoice to hear that you and our dear Aunt, are setting about it in earnest to pay us a visit. Your own Carriage would carry you comfortably to Pittsburg, in a few days and 24 hours sufficient to perform the trip down. We will continue to hope, as you do not seem to discourage the idea of an excursion to the west. Remember us to brother Frederick & Sister Louisa and believe me to be with much regard Your obdt & obligd Nephew & Servt Fredk G. L Beuhring
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