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A Journal From 1854


I am researching my Great Grandfathers western migration in 1854. He traveled by several river boats and i am looking for more information on them if available. I have seen some information on your website, but it does not always match my great grandfathers journal (which is far less than complete in it's record).

I will attach some of his journal entries from between Pittsburgh, PA and Fort Leavenworth, KS. These travels all occurred in April 1854.

Apr 6" The following is from his Journal "Traveling thru heavy pine timbers. We got to Alto[o]na at 12 a.m. where we stayed until 5 p.m. then traveled on till 11 am[.] Stop[p]ed until morning. In afternoon and evening we went over the mountains and thru the tunnel. It took 5 or 6 Locomotives to get up over the Mountain. Arrived at Pittsburgh at 5 pm[.] One of the dirtiest and blackest places I ever saw in my life. We took a large hack or Omnibus and all went at once to the boat. Had 4 loads of goods. We went board the "Keystone State of Pittsburgh." We took a view of the city from the boat. (From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia was 360 miles.) Lucinda was home-sick or sea-sick when we came a board [aboard]. Perhaps both.

Apr 10. Lucinda was sick in the night. Better this morning. Bro. Wells and I took a walk. Saw men make glass. Boat started at 11:30 a. m. from Pittsburgh, a hilly, timber country, grass green in the city. Streets full of hogs and filth.

Apr 11" We ran into another boat in the night. We passed the steamboat Redstone[.] it was sunk by running into a snag. The captain of the Keystone State was I[.] Haslep. In Pittsburgh the Fruit trees were in blossom. Peaches[,] Pears, and Apples. Hilly, but fine country. Passed some vineyards on our way.

Apr 12 Got into Cincinnati at noon. We then went were on board the "Paul Anderson and Carrol Master"[.] She is bound for St[.] Louis and was to set sail to day, but when I do not know. Lucinda feeling better, and she and Ann Hinck and I took a walk around the City. It is a very pretty City. In the evening Arron Farr, Lucricia Ann [blank space]

Apr 22 I went and bought my wagon and other things for the trip across the plains. Just at night we left the boat "Paul Anderson" and went on board the boat "Sam Cloom [Cloon]" for Fort Leavensworth [Leavenworth].

Wed. 26" Thunder Showers and hail stones as large as hen’s eggs. Some weighed 1 oz. Just at night on board of "Sam Cloon." Captain John McCloy in charge, for Fort Leavensworth [Leavenworth]. Lucinda and Clara both sick all night.

Thank you for any information you can send me

Dan Patterson



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