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*Name: Papin, Amadee T.
Died:  During the Indian wars, on the Far West and was buried on a bluff
		overlooking Bismarck, SD.
Area: Had pilot license is for the Missouri, Mississippi,
	  Yellowstone and Bighorn Rivers
Boats: 1876, May, CARROLL
Comments: died on during Indian War  See Source

Name: Parker
Area: 1857, U. Miss. R.
Boats: 1857, FRED LORENZE
Companies Associated With: 1857, Northern Line Packet Company
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Patton, Moses L.
Area: Sabine, Angelina and Neches Rs., Texas.
Boats: 1845-50?, master of ANGELINA
Comments: Brother to Robert S. Patton, below.

Name: Patton, Robert S.  (See)
Died: 1857
Area: Sabine, Angelina and Neches Rs., Texas.
Comments: Brother to Moses L. Patton, above.

1. Name: Paul, James
Area: 1870, Louisville-Evansville 
      1871, Nov. Made run Louisville-Cairo
      1874-77, Cincinnati-New Orleans trade
Boats: 1870, MOLLIE GRATZ
       1871, June-?, MARY MILLER
       1874 or 5, 1877 Apr., Owner and Master, ROBT. MITCHELL,
            At one time, PINK VARBLE

Name: Payne, James A. See Owners, P

Name: Peacock, Tom
Boats: *Before 1859, JOSIA H. BELL

Name: Pegram, B. R.
Boats: 1870s or 80s, JAMES HOWARD; 

Name: Pegram, George
Area: L. Miss. R.
Boats: 1863-?73?, owner with others, JULIA
Companies Associated with: Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company

Name: Pell, Allan
Age: 1857, a 40 year old, 18 year veteran of the river
Area:  Miss. R.
Boats associated with: 1857, pilot on VICKSBURG
Source: Mark Twain Journal, Spring, 1990

1.Name: Pell, Charles

1.Name: Pell, James (Colonel)
Area: L. Miss. R.
Boats: 1870, July 30, Was one of the pilots on the first ROB'T E. LEE
       when she raced the NATCHEZ 
       1880: Pilot on NEW MARY HOUSTON

1.Name: Pell, Jim, Jr.
Area: Miss. R.
Boats: 1895, Jan. 12, STATE OF MISSOURI

1.Name: Pell, William
Area: Ohio and Miss. Rs.
Boat: 1896-1904, Nov., Part owner of MARY F. GOLDEN

Name: Penny, George M.
Area: 1840s?, St Croix and U. Miss. Rs.

Name: Pennywitt, Philip, from Cincinnati, Oh. area
Area: 1828, was one of first up Ark. and White Rs. on FACILITY
Boats: 1828, FACILITY
       1831, WAVERLY
       1859, Part owner, 35th PARALLEL

1. Name: Peppers, Ed
Boat: 1911, July-1912, LIBERTY (the 3rd one)
Companies associated with, Bay Steamship Company

Name: Peppers, George
Born: 1830, Aug. 13, in Delaware.  Died: 1879, Mar. 30?
Area" Ohio R.
Boats: 1847, deckhand, then watchman on BRILLIANT
     : 184?, second mate on CINCINATI
     : 184?, chief mate on PITTSBURGH
     : 1852 or 3, chief mate on FALLS CITY, then chief mate on CITY OF WHEELING
     : 1855 - 60, mate on PERSIA, JOHN C FREEMONT and other boats
       plying between Pittsburgh and New Orleans.
     : 1861, ?mate or captain? of HORIZON
     : During war was mate on LIBERTY and the LIBERTY No. 2, and others.
     : For a time he was Captain of the ALLEGHENY BELLE
     : For a long time he was chief mate on the POTOMAC
     : For several years he was chief mate on several large steamers,
       including the MISSISSIPPI, the NATCHEZ and
       the THOMPSON DEAN.
     : He was mate on his last boats, the old ANDES and the new ANDES.
Comments: From TheWheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879

4.Name: Perin
Died: 1838, Apr. 25, when his boat, MOSELL, exploded her boilers. 
Buried: Perintown, Oh., near Milford.
Area: 1838, Cincinati-Pittsburgh, Ohio R.
Comments: A reporter said of him the day of his death, "An attentive, courtious
          young man of probably not over 28 years of age. 
          His body was found in the water, stopped against the prow of another

Name: Pero, Joe
Area: 1840s, St. Croix R.. U. Miss. R.

Name: Pettit, Jeremiah M.
Died: December 8, 1858, New Orleans aboard the FARLAND.
Area: Miss. R.
Comments: Wife, Zerelda Craig Pettit
		  Home, Crittenden, (Grant County) Kentucky
		  See Obituary
    	: Info above from site visitor June Bowen Pettit 

Name: Pickley, E. V.
Area: Miss R.
Boat(s): 1907, E. DOUGLAS

Name: Pillsbury, J.J.
Area: 1860, Upper White R.
Boats: 1860, Masonic Gem

Name: Pim
Area: Miss. R.
Comments: Source

Name: Pitchup, ?
Boats: 1853?, SWAMP FOX;

1. Name: Poe, Adam
Area: 1852, Ohio R.
Boat(s): 1845-46 Part owner of 1st FINANCIER  
         1848 or so, part owner of CINDERELLA;
         1850 Part owner of 2nd FINANCIER
         1852, part owner of ROYAL ARCH      1854, part owner, of ELLA
         1857, part owner of BELFAST
         1857-61, with his 3 brothers, part owner of NEPTUNE        
         1875, part owner BIG FOOT

Name: Poe, Jacob, Georgetown, Pa.
Boats: The JACOB POE was named for this captain.
		Do not know if he had an interest in her.

Name: Poe, Thomas
Boats: 1852-?55?, Owner with other Georgetown, Pa. concerns of GEORGETOWN 

Name: Poitevent, Jules, Trinity river plantation owner
Area: Trinity R., Neches and Sabine Rs., Tex.
Comments: See source Article

Name: Pollard, Daniel
Died: Sept.10, 1869 at the age of 50 of a heart attack.
Boats: 1860-79V.F. WILSON and DANIEL POLLARD

1. Name: Pope, Ben S.
Area: 1907, U. Miss. R.
Boats: owned equal part of AVALON with
         Roe, Capt William E. and Noll, Capt. Martin F.

Name: Porter, John
Boats: 1871-87, BIRDIE BRENT; 1887-1909, JOSEPH L. STEPHENS; 1909, DORTHY
Area: Boonville, Mo. on Mo. R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.
Show you care, send a Bear!

Name: Posey, Thomas W.  Source
Boat(s): SAINT PAUL, Somewhere between 1917 and 1937, Pittsburg excursion

Name: Powers, Thomas C.
Boats: 1880s, HELENA
Area: Upper Mo. R.
Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897
Name: Pownal, H. C.
Boat(s): BEAVER
Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

Name: Prater, Dick
Boats: 1896, TYCOON
Source: Article

Name: Prather, James H.
Boats: 1868, MAGNOLIA
Area: Ohio R., Covington
Comments: From the Cincinnati Enquirer March 17, 1868, Thursday.

Name: Prescott, Sylvester, of Memphis, Tenn.
Born: 1817, Dec. 16, Memphis, Tenn.    Died: 1849, Nov. 14
Comments: from site visitor Cornelia Warner
          I have a family story that claims that Sylvester Prescott was a
          riverboat pilot from Memphis TN. He had taken a steamboat to New
          Orleans and was returning as a passenger on another boat which
          was blown up and he was among the ones killed. The steamship's
          names were not given, nor the river, though I assume it was the

Name: Price of Catlettsburg
Boats: 1. 1852-54, sometime between, Capt of HIBERNIA #2  

Name: Price, Edwin A.
Died: 1891
Boats: 1878, March, Purchased the TOM HACKNEY
       1901, Apr.-27, Dec. ARGAND, towboat for WATER QUEEN, a showboat barge

*Name: Price, Herman, Son-in-law to Capt. Abraham Kimber
Boats: 1835, Captain and part owner with Eli Mills, the 1835 DELAWARE
       1840,  Captain and part owner with Eli Mills, the 1840 MAYFLOWER
       1846-48,   Captain and part owner with Eli Mills, the 1846 ANGLO SAXON
       1853,  Captain and part owner with Eli Mills, GARDEN CITY
        *Usually acted as Capt. on boats owned by he and Eli Mills.
Comments: Retired to his far near Magnolia, Ill. where he lived for some 30 yrs.
          *Source Article

Name: Prince, George
Boats: 1922, GEORGE PRINCE
       1922, July 23, purchased the PERCY SWAIN

Name: Prince, Tom J.
Boats: * 1884, with others (see below) purchased REGULAR DIURNAL and COURIER
         1882, owner of PRINCESS
         1883, PRINCE 
     : * 1884, Nov., went out as master of DIURNAL
         1886, Had built with others, STELLA WILDS
         1891, LULU PRINCE
Comments: 1884. Nov., in partnership with Mr. Schmulbach,
                Frank Booth and Capt. Mack Gamble
                This captain formed a company to purchase the above boats.

Name: Prince, William (Billy)
Boats: 1879, towboat IRON VALLEY
       1882, BELLE PRINCE  Source
Area: 1879, Ohio R., Wheeling, W. Va.
Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951
		: Mentioned in this Article.
		: *1884, Nov. 18, lost the third finger of his left hand while
                 helping to raise the sunken REGULAR.

Name: Pritchartt, William Howard, 
Born, 1856, St. Louis.      Died: 1834, Natchez.
Boats: 1883, clerk on ST PAUL
       1885, in office of ARKANSAS CITY
Companies Associated with: 1883-??, Anchor Line 
Comments: See Obituary

Name: Pruden, Miles (Milo) A., pilot See
Born: 1834, Athens, Athens Co., OH.  Died: cir. 1877
Married: 1853, Oct. 14, to Charlotte Ellen Ruby
Source: 1870 Federal Census Lee County,
          Ft. Madison, Iowa, occupation: Pilot on Steamboat.
        : 1877 According to family he just dissapeared
               from records.  Records of his parents and
               of his children are available, but not his.
Boats: 1873, Capt and pilot of GATE CITY 

Name: Purdy, Mills
Area: 1882-83, U. Miss. R., St. Louis - St. Paul.
Boats Associated with: 1882-83, pilot on GEM CITY
Companies associated with: 1882-83, St. Louis and St. Paul 
Packet Company

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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