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Name: Daniels, Philomena Comments: From site visitor - "I need information on Philomena Daniels who operated steamboats on Lake Champlain around 1900. I need to know how old she was when she got her license was she 17, 29, 35, or 42. I also would like to know what her boats were named for: her children, the muses, men, or her dogs. Thank you for any help you can give me. Diane(Dacook48@aol.com) Name: Darragh, John J. Area: 1898, Memphis-Friar's Point Boats: 1882, WILL S. HAYS 1898, JAMES LEE *Name: Darst, David Boats: 1881, pilot on CONDOR and J.R. PEEBLES or ROBERT PEEBLES Name: Daugherty, Silas Area: 1854-79 at least, Upper White R., Ark. Boats: 1854 & 55, Owner with Jonathan Whitesides, of MARY L. DAUGHERTY 1879, Master of JENNIE STINSON Comments: Source Name: David, Charles Boat(s): 1874, PAT ROGERS Name: Davidson, Commadore W. F. : See Owners, Davidson, W. F. 1. Name: Davies, Henry, Portsmouth, Oh. Boats: 1864- ?, builder and owner, NYMPH No.2 1. Name: Davies, I.M., Mobile, Ala. Area: 1865, Alabama R. Boats: 1865, Aug. - master of HAZEL DELL Name: Davis Area: Ohio R. Boat(s): 1879, WELCOME 1.Name: Davis, B.W. Area: 1864, Fort Madison-Rock Island trade Boat(s): 1864, CITY of KEITHSBURG Name: Davis, David, pilot Info from site visitor, Don Seymour, Don Seymour In the 1880 Census (Wheeling, Ohio Co.), there appears David Davis and family, to wit: Davis, David WM 32 Pilot River PA PA PA " , Hannah WF 28 Wife WV OH PA " , Mary E. WF 12 Daughter OH PA WV " , Birdie WF 7 Daughter OH PA WV " , Chas. WM 5 Son WV PA WV " , Johney WM 2 Son WV PA WV Don's Comments: Something must have happened to Mr. Davis and his family in 1880 because both of his daughters, Birdie and Mary E., are shown elsewhere in this same census as residents of St. Vincent Orphan Asylum. 1. Davis, J.B. Boat: 1850s, mid, MESSENGER No. 2 Name: Davis, Tom Area, Sabine R., East Tex. Boats: Late 1890s, MINNIE Comments: See source Article Name: Davitt, John Area: 1999, Miss. R. out of New Orleans Boat: 1999, AMERICAN QUEEN 1. Name: Dawley, Al Area: U. Miss. R. Boat: 1880-99, sometime between, JOSEPHINE Companies Associated With; Diamond Jo Line Name: Dawson, Boat(s): 1949, VIRGINIA Area: Ohio r. Comments: From The Daily Wheeling Gazette, April 2, 1849, p. 2 Was charged with manslaughter after VIRGINIA blew up, killing some 15 people. Name: Dean, Samuel, of Martin's Ferry, Ohio Area: 1850, Mar., Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Boats: 1850- BUCKEYE STATE Name: Deering, William James Area: ?1890s?, Mo and/or Miss. R. Comments: This request from a site visitor: I WAS WONDERING IF YOU COULD HELP ME. IN 1890 MY GREAT-GRANFATHER,WILLIAM JAMES DEERING WAS A CAPTIAN ON A STEAMBOAT ON THE MISSISSIPPI. I AM TRYING TO RUN DOWN INFORMATION FOR A FAMILY GENEOLOGY FILE. DO YOU OR DO YOU KNOW WHERE I MIGHT LOOK? THANK YOU, Vicky Deering

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Name: DeHaven, David Boats: 1857, SOUTH WESTER; 1861, ALONZO CHILD Area: Mo. R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Name: Dellicker Comments: Mentioned in this Document Name: Desire', Jacques Position: Pilot. Comments: Frenchspeaking, Louisiana-born black man, much respected even before Civil War. Name: Desnoyer, Gary Area: 1999, St. Louis Boat: 1999, TOM SAYWER Name: DeVenny, Alexander Boat(s): 1849, March, launched The WINFIELD SCOTT Area: Ohio and Miss. Rs. 1. Name: Devinney, of Steubenville Area: 1847, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati 1849, U. Ohio R.-St. Louis, with groups bound for gold fields. 1852, New Orleans-Pittsburgh Boats: 1847-52, Jan. 25 when snagged and lost, DeWITT CLINTON 1. Name: Devinney, John S. Area: 1852-58, Pittsburgh-St. Louis trade 1855, Pittsburgh-Louisville Boats: 1852-58, July 15, ARCTIC 1855, CASTLE GARDEN Comments: Mentioned in this ARTICLE. : Could this be the same Devinney as the one above? The time frames and areas are right. D. : ?At one time was Ohio R. Boat inspector (Source)? Dates don't work, D. 1. Name: Devinney, Snell A. Area: 1902, Charleston-Winfield trade Boats: 1901, E.L. REEL Also this year recorded as clerk of EXCEL 1902, EVERGREEN 1. Name: Devinny, Pleasant of St. Claire, Ill. Area: 1852, late-55, Dec., Pittsburgh-St. Louis Boats: 1852, late-55, Dec., PRAIRIE CITY Name: Devot, Prescot Source Area: 1846, Rio Grande R. Boat(s): 1846, RIO BRAVO Name: de Wolf Area: West Coast Boat(s): COMMODORE Comments: he lost this boat to a rock in a storm. Name: DeWolf, Clark Area: 1901, Dec 18, Ohio R. 1917, Apr. 6, Ohio R., Little Hocking Boats: 1901, Dec. 18, pilot on CHARLIE STONE, when it sank. 1917, 2nd mate on TELL CITY when she sank Name: DeWolf, Sam Area: 1880 and 1890, running Racine-Middleport, Oh. R. Boats: 1890, Capt. of LITTLE SANDY Name: Dickerson, Capt. Boats: 1862, was Captain of the new WHITE ROSE Name: Dickerson, Jeff Boats: 1863, with others, had the NIGHTINGALE built Name: Dickerson, Nimrod W., Rocheport, Ill. Died: 1840, summer in "boating accident" Left 3 children and wife Elizabeth with child. Area: Mo. R., Osage R. Boats: 1840, OH! HUSH Comments: 1840, Apr., St. Louis paper has him heading to the Osage R. in Mo. by boat. Name: Dickerson, Wash Boats: 1868, purchased the 1863 EMPEROR *Name: Dill, M.E. Boats: 1864, June 4, SUNSHINE Name: Dillon, William Boat(s): 1897, PHAETON, owner : 1882, LIZZIE TOWNSEND, owner Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Name: Dittman, Charles H. Boats: PAT ROGERS, JACOB STRADER Death: 1874, Aug.. Either burned or drowned when PAT ROGERS sank. Area: Ohio R. Comments: From P. K. Kehler (docent@bellatlantic.net) Partial Obituary From The National Democrat Aug. 6, 1874, Jeffersonville Indiana: "Death of Captain Dittman Our special from ...the sad news of the death of Capt. Charles H. Dittman on the steamer Pat Rogers this morning. The...does not state whether he was burned or drowned. Capt. Dittman is well known in Jeffersonville, having lived here for about twenty years. About three years ago he moved to Boston, Kentucky, where his family how resides. It is hardly necessary to speak of Capt. Dittman's characteristics, for he was well known and beloved by everybody without a solitary exception, to our knowledge. The deceased has been running on the mail-line for years, having commenced the business as a cabin boy. At one time he was captian of the steamer Jacob Strader, but resigned to accept the postition of pilot. Name: Dix, Edmund F. Boats: 1854, when she blew up, owner with Charles F. Eckler and others of the TIMOUR. Name: Dodds, Henry M. Boats: 1883, Along with Victor Bonnet was last owner of FAR WEST Name: Dohrman, George A. Area: Miss. White, Ark. Rs. Boats: 1821-?, ROBERT THOMPSON Source: Article Name: Doll Area: 1853, Dec., Calif. - Panama Boat: 1853, COLUMBIA Comments: Source *Name: Donally, C.W. Boats: 1884, Clerk on TELEPHONE Comments: I suspect this man's name was actually spelled Donnally - Dave 1. Name: Donnally, Harry C. Boat(s): 1897, shortly after, purchased with Capt. Fred Hornbrook the BESSIE SMITH 1910, May 31,- 1918, Jan., when she was lost, part owner of RUTH 1912, sometime after, the 5th LIBERTY Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 1. Name: Donnally, Howard Area: 1896, Pittsburgh-Charleston Boats: *1884, clerk on TELEPHONE 1896, URANIA

Name: Doty, Mark Area: 1999, Ohio R. Louisville, Ky. Boats: SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Owners associated with: Jefferson County, Kentucky Name: Dougherty Boat(s): 1882, ANNIE L Comments: from the Wheeling Intelligencer, July 6, 1882, Name: Douglas, John Farrell Died: 1888, Jan. 30, U.S. Marine Hospital of New Orleans at 56 yrs of age. Comments: 05/08/07, Received query about this captain. See Name: Dowell, Oaty P. Boats: Prior to January 6, 1856, Master and owner of THOMAS P. RAY Name: Downie, W. L. Dates: 1897 Area: Ohio R. Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 1. Name: Downs, Matt Area: 1898, Miss. R., Menphis - Vicksburg Boats: 1898 - 1906, Captain of LUCILLE NOWLAND Companies Associated With: 1898 - 1906, Memphis and Arkansas River Packet Company Name: Downs, Rees V Area: 1898, Miss. R., Menphis - Vicksburg Boats: 1898 - 1906, Pilot on LUCILLE NOWLAND Companies Associated With: 1898 - 1906, Memphis and Arkansas River Packet Company Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994 1. Name: Dozier, Frank M. Area: 1848-66, Mo. R. 1870's, N.O. - Ouachita R. Boats: 1848, the second CORA, owned with others; 1858, June 27, Capt. of SAM GATY when she burned and sank 1863, with others built the MAGENTA 1864, March - ?78?, Owned with others PRAIRIE STATE 1865-66, Owned the MOLLIE DOZIER 1870s, early, E.H. DURFEE; 1. Name: Dozier, P. M. Area: 1855-56, weekly trips, St. Louis-Brunswick Boats: 1855-56, THOMAS E. TUTT 1. Name: Dravo, Charles A. Boats: 1859, Part owner and Capt. of ST CLOUD; 1862, MELNOTTE 1864, Spring, MAJOR ANDERSON (Note: it would be my guess Dravo's occupation on the two above boats has gotten confused. Way's does list him on both as "early" and "spring". - Dave) 1864, Dec., Master, ROWENA 1865, Mar., ALICE DEAN; 1865, Oct., BEN STICKNEY; 1865-68, sometime between, LORENA (No. 1) 1868, Mar., ST CHARLES 1867, Mar., pilot, on GRAND REPUBLIC Companies associated with: 1865, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company Name: Drew, Daniel Boats: 1864? Owner of DREW Name: Drown, Henry H. Area: Wheeling-Cincinnati Boats: 1853-54, Master, JANES WATT 1860-63, owner and master, FANNY McBURNIE 1864, Built the WILD WAGONER. Master, BOSTONA No. 2. Built the LINNIE DROWN 1877, Owner, GOLDEN CROWN Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Dudding, James Benton Area: With the TELEPHONE, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, Wheeling-Charleston, Gallipolis-Charleston Boats: 1878, Dec. sold the WEST VIRGINIA to upper Ohio R. 1878, TELEPHONE Comments: *This captain owned the Kanawha Valley Packet Company. 1. Name: Dufour, Charles Area: Ohio R. Boats: l1885, lighthouse tender LILI Name: Duke, William A. Boats: 1902, Master of NATCHEZ VIII : 19??, T. P. LEATHERS Comments: Source Name: Dugan, William Perry Comments: From great granddaughter - "By family tradition he captained several steamboats on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers before, during and after the Civil War. He worked for the Union transporting supplies and men up and down the rivers, and family legend has it that several of the ships were 'shot out from under him.'" Name: Duncan Boats: 1880s, Capt. of JOHN GILBERT *Name: Dunn, Asa Area: 1842, Red R. 1851, New Orleans-Alexandria 1. 1854, Mar., Posssibly back on Red River, Tex. Boats: 1842, CADDO 1851-54, Possibly the Dunn listed by 1. Way's as Capt. on CASPIAN Comments: *This Information from Early Steam Navigation on the Red River : Also see, The Material Culture of Steamboat Passengers: Archaeological Evidence from the Missouri River by Annalies Corbin, Roderick Sprague Name: Dunshee, William, McKeesport, PA Boats: 1860-73, Capt. and part owner, towboat V.F. WILSON 1. Name: Dustin, E. T. Died: 1849, Nov. 15, a few days after. Boats: 1849, Capt. and part owner, BOSTONA Name: Dwyer, Bill (See) 1. Name: Dyas, Richard Irwin of Little Rock Ark. Boats: 1850-52, owned 1/2 of the 1st GEM 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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