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St. Louis and the Mighty Mississippi in the Steamboat Age:
                 The Collected Writings of Ruth Ferris
                     by Ruth Ferris

The Sea Hunter
                 True Adventures With Famous Shipwrecks
                 By Clive Cussler & Craig Dirgo
                 This book has a very good account of the paddlewheeler
                 LEXINGTON Disaster.

Ships in Tasmanian waters, riverboats, ferries and the floating bridge
                     by George W. Cox

The Sicamous & the Naramata : steamboat days in the Okanagan
                     by Robert D. Turner

The Steamboat Bertrand: History, Excavation and Architecture,
                     by Jerome Petsche,
                     published by the Government Printing Office
                     in 1974.
                     This book is available at Ohio County Public Library.

Steamboat Era in the Muskokas: To the Golden Years, Vol. I
                     by Richard Tatley

Steamboat Era in the Muskokas: Golden Years to Today, Vol II
                     by Richard Tatley

Steamboat Gothic Fiction
                     by Frances Parkinson Keyes

Steamboat in a Cornfield
                     by John Hartford

Steamboat Legacy : The Life & Times of a Steamboat Family
                     by Dorothy Heckmann Shrader
                     Wein Press, Hermann Mo. 1993

The Steamboat Monopoly: Gibbons v. Ogden, 1824
                     by Maurice G. Baxter

Steamboat on the Chesapeake : Emma Giles and the Tolchester Line
                     by David C. Holly

Steamboat to the Shore: A Pictorial History of the Steamboat Era
                            in Monmouth County, New Jersey
                     by George H., Jr. Moss

Steamboat Treasures: The Inadvertent Autobiography of a Steamboatman,
                     by Dorothy Heckmann Shrader,
                     Wein Press, Hermann, Mo.  1997

Steamboat: Virginia V
                     by M.S. Kline

Steamboat: Yesterday on Casco Bay
                     by William J. Frappier
Steamboatin' Log : A Mile by Mile Steamboat Journey Up the Mississippi
                     River from Cairo, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota/
                     Upper Mississippi River
                     by Bern Keating

Steamboating on the Trent-Severn
                     by Richard Tatley

Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi
                     by William J. Petersen
                     An unabridged Dover (1995) republication of the
                     work originally published by The State Historical
                     Society of Iowa, (1968)
Steamboating on the Western Rivers! (Mississippi and Missouri Rivers)
                    By river historian Michael Gillespie
                    Two new anthologies  Greatriver.Com

Steamboating Sixty-Five years on Missouri's Rivers
                     by Capt. William L. Heckman,
                     Burton Publishing Co., Kansas City, Mo.  1950

Steamboats Come True : American Inventors in Action
                     by James Thomas Flexner

Steamboats and the Cotton Economy : River Trade in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta
                    by Harry P. Owens

Steamboats and Ferries on the White River : A Heritage Revisited
                     by Duane Huddleston, Pat Wood, Sammie Cantrell Rose

Steamboats and Steamboat Men
                     by Cecil R. Roseberry

Steamboats on the Coosa River in the Rome, Georgia-Gadsden-Greensport,
                           Alabama Trades
                     by Bert Neville, Published by Selma Printing Service 

Steamboats on the Mississippi
                     by the editors of American Heritage Magazine
                     Harper and Row, 1962, a young readers book.

Steamboats on the St. Croix
                     by Anita Albrecht Buck

Steamboats on the Saskatchewan
                     by Bruce Braden Peel

Steamboats on the Western Rivers: An Economic and Technological History
                    by Louis C. Hunter, Pub. Harvard University, 1949.

Sternwheelers on the Great Kanawha River
                     by Sutphin, Gerald W. & Andre, Richard A.
                     Pictorial Histories Publishing, Charleston, WV.
                     1991 198 pages. LC#91-60924 ISBN 0-929521-21-8
                     USD 25.00. 198 pages. 400 (?) illustrations.
                     Note: loaded with pictures of steamboats and
                     reproductions of freight bills, tickets,
                     newspaper clippings, along with commentary.

Sternwheelers & Steam Tugs; An Illustrated History of the Canadian
                  Pacific Railway's British Columbia Lake & River Service,
                  by Robert D. Turner.   8.75" x 11.75", 302 pages with
                  300+ photos and line drawings, Paper, ISBN 1-55039-089-9

The Story of Mississippi Steamboats (Cornerstones of Freedom)
                     by R. Conrad Stein, Tom Dunnington

The Sultana Tragedy : America's Greatest Maritime Disaster
                     by Jerry O. Potter

Sycamore Shores Journalist's account of People and places along the
                       Ohio in the 30s.
                     by Clark B. Firestone
                     McBride and Co., 1936.

Tales of the Mississippi
                     by Ray Samuel
                     Hastings House, 1955

Tall Stacks : A Celebration of America's Steamboat Heritage
                     by Miles J. Wolf

Terrifying Steamboat Stories
                     by Sue Harrison, James Donahue

Thunder Along the Mississippi : The River Battles That Split
                                    the Confederacy
                     by Jack D. Coombe

Quality supplements at low, low prices 

Tidewater by Steamboat : A Saga of the Chesapeake:
                           The Weems Line on the Patuxent, Potomac,
                            and Rappahannock
                     by David C. Holly

Travels on the Lower Mississippi, 1879-1880 : A Memoir by Ernstvon
                     by Ernst Hesse-Wartegg,
                         Frederic Trautmann (Translator)

Troubled Waters: Steamboat Disasters, River Improvements and Public Policy, 1821-1860
                     By Paul F. Paskoff LSU PRESS

Twilight on the Bay : The Excursion Boat Empire of B.B. Wills
                     by Brian J. Cudahy

The U.S. gunboat Carondolet, 1861-1865
                     by Myron J. Smith

U.S. Lighthouse Service Tenders, 1840-1939"
                                D.R. Peterson
                                Eastwind Publishing,

Voyages of the Steamboat Yellow Stone by Donald Jackson Upper Mississippi River Rafting Steamboats by Edward A. Mueller, Harry G. Dyer Upper Mississippi River History : Fact-Fiction-Legend by Ron Larson Wabash River Guide Book by Jerry Hay Way's Packet Directory 1848-1994 : Passenger Steamboats of the Mississippi River System Since the Advent of Photography in Mid-Continent America by Frederick Way Jr. (Compiler), Frederick Way, Joseph W. Rutter Way's Steam Towboat Directory by Frederick Way West By Steamboat Where the River Runs Deep : the story of a Mississippi River pilot Baton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, c1993. xiv, 273 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm. Wild River Wooden Boats By river historian Michael Gillespie Two new anthologies Greatriver.Com Willie Jasper's Golden Eagle : Being an Eyewitness Account of the Great Steamboat Race Between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee by F. N. Monjo White River (Indiana) Guide Book by Jerry M. Hay
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