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From site visitor, Ronald Fulton

"Clermont" aka "The Steamboat" & "North River Steamboat of Clermont", launched 1807
size: 149' long x 18' wide x 7' draft (original size was 133' long-then modified )
owner: Hudson River Steamboat Company-Robert Fulton & Robert Livingston
( Clermont was name of Livingson's estate on the Hudson River at Germantown, NY)
Capt Andrew Brink & Capt Bartholomew, service from Albany to NYC
Raritan" launched 1807 service on Raritan River
Car of Neptune" launched 1807 175 x 24 served Albany to NYC, Capt Roorbach
Paragon" launched 1811, 173 x 27 x 9 service on Hudson River, Capt. Wiswell
New Orleans", 138 x 30
Fire Fly", 100 x 19 x 7 served NYC to Newburgh,NY
Jersey", 78 x 32 x 7 ferry boat, launched 1812
Richmond", 153 x 29 x 10 launched 1813 service on Hudson River
Washington", 155 x 25 x 9 launched 1813, served on Potomoc River
York", 78 x 32 x7 ferry boat launched 1813
Nassau", 78 1/2' x 33 x 7, ferry boat launched 1813, served from Brooklyn Ny to Connecticut
Fulton", 134 x 30 x 9 launched 1813, served Long Island Sound.
Fulton the First", 156 x 56 x 20, launched 1814 was a vessel-of-war built for defense of New York
harbors, based at Navy Yard.
Olive Branch", 134 x 30 x 8, launched 1816 service from NY to New Brunswick, Canada.
Emperor of Russia", 134 x 30 1/2 x 9 1/2, launched 1816
Chancellor Livingston", 156 x 34 x 10 1/2 launched 1816 served Hudson River.
Last Fulton & Livingston boat built--only one to be coal-fired (others were wood-fired)
Comet #1 was boat owned by a Mr Bell.

Sincerly, Ronald Fulton
Researching Bokanovich and Fulton families.

01/22/1999: From what I have read so far it looks like Robert Fulton & Robert Livingston had a different company setup for the various rivers they operated boats on. As of now I don't have any info on demise of boats. I will keep on the look out for more info. I can't come up with a direct tie to "Toot" (that was Robert's nickname-given to him by his friend Robert Barlow way before his steamboat days) but am probably distantly related w a y back. Sources were "Robert Fulton His Life and its Results" by Robert Thurston and "Robert Fulton Engineer and Artist" by H.W. Dickinson. Will keep you posted. Ron

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