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The links on this page lead to bits and pieces about various riverboats captains.
Some pieces are small and some are rather lenghty. Some were found by cruising the web, some within books I have, and others were submitted by site visitors.

I wish to thank those site visitors who contributed to these pages as they have added interesting bits and pieces to what we know about many a riverboat captain's life.

To Pages By First Letter of Captain's Sir Name
These pages will have small bits about one or more boat captains whose names start with that letter.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Pages About Individual Captains

These pages will have bits and pieces of information about the named captain.

C.W. Batchelor, Lloyd T. and Francis T. Belt,
William Blake, Fred A. Blanks, Joseph Boisseau, William Flint Bowen,
- Tom Brierly - Leslie R. Broadfoot,
Joe Burnsides,
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Hugh Campbell, John W. Cannon, Absalom Carlisle , Horatio Nelson Crooks,
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William Pierre Eads/Edds, Sr., Henry Bradley Evans ,
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Mary Green, Absalom Grimes, William Leander Grimes ,
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Manuel Harcha, William Henry Hauenstein,Jr., Jacob Hazlep, William L. Heckman,
Firman C. Heritage, Edward James Hulings

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Rezin Jameson,
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Franklin Keeling, George G. Keith, James Kennedy, Joseph Kinney - 1, 2, - Henry Jasper King
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Joseph LaBarge- 1, 2, - Hilmar Lax, Thomas P. Leathers - 1, 2, - Jacob Lewis,
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Edgar F. Mabrey, Ira N. Malin, James Dalmazzo Malin, John W. Malin, Grant Marsh- 1, 2,
Robert Melville Marshal- 1, 2,
John Tarleton Massie, William R. Massie,
James McGarry, O. D. Mayo,
Anthony G. Medine,
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Amadee T. Papin, Geo. Peppers, Jeremiah M. Pettit, William Howard Pritchartt,
Miles (Milo) A. Pruden,
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E. Jerome Ruby - Oscar M. Ruby, Homer Shelton Ruby, Thomas G. Ryman,
William D.Shallcross, Henry Clay Shallcross,
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Tom Taylor, Josephus Todd,
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Frederick Way Jr., George Weems, Willard , Andrew Wineland, Ben Winters,
Robert L. Withers, Augustus 'Gus' Levan Witherington, William Penn Wright,

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